The desire to excel. The passion to dedicate. The determination to see it through.

Monday, April 30, 2007


I finished my last paper this morning!!! It was the FST2106 - Postharvest module. I spotted the questions for the compulsory question (for ALL parts i.e. (a), (b), (c)) correctly!!! I was quite AMAZED! Flipping through the past year papers helped me to spot them! The limiting factor was the speed of my writing and not a lack of points. Yeah! That's the way it should be for essays! Well done brain!!!

Anyway, I bought my textbook and other materials required for the next semester already! Nothing else left to be bought! Am I fast?! I was lucky to get a deal from a FST senior.

I saw CHARMAINE CHAI in school after my paper! She's the only primary school friend that I'm still in contact with! Chatted with her till she had to go for lessons. After settling all my admin matters in school, I went to Yishun to get my materials for the next semester then I headed home (no more petrol and I forgot to take the petrol discount card out)! I headed out again to Outram and had lunch there as well. Later, I went to IMM (passing by NUS again). I headed home and settle some more admin matters and geared up for cycling in the North area!!! Now, I'm home and I have some more admin matters to settle! I'll probably watch VCDs tonight!!!

C'mon gimme a cheer! Exam's OVER!!!
I love everyone NOW!!! Everyone gimme a hug!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Couldn't think of a title. Studied the entire day except when I went out for dinner with my family. They asked me what I wanted and after much consideration, I emerged from my study room and said that I wanted an Osim. They screamed. It was funny!

One day tomorrow to clear my head then I'm back into the world of people. Many places to go tomorrow. Many tasks to complete. That's the way I like it. Let's keep the efficiency up!

A note to myself:
Please write the essays in EXCELLENT ENGLISH for tomorrow's examination.

Do you comprehend?

I guess not.

If you do comprehend, you're a genius.
Be my friend.
Be my counsellor.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Too many decisions,
Some are bound to be regrettable.
Too many lessons taught,
Too few lessons learnt.

The twisted truth maybe.
Being detached is key.
Too many lives to lead,
And some are not meant to keep.


The text between ** was typed at 10.13pm.

*Ok, I know I was supposed to study but pQ said "Play with me a while la". I think she could sense my hesitation in my previous replies. pQ is a bad influence! I should have been studying! Haha. Tsk. Hello pQ! Although I study finish, still must revise what!!! Ok, but today was a good break! Studied a bit before and after meeting her. We went to Causeway Point then headed to Sunplaza.

Anyway, pQ's going clubbing FIVE times the coming week. She needs to relax. She called me "dear" today. LIKE TOTALLEH FREAKED ME. Hello! Why is everyone saying such things to me recently?! Why everyone so nice?! I not used to it!!! There's like 5 people who's been nice! STOP!!! My fur will stand!!! In being nice, you guys ain't being nice to me!!!

Was on the phone with Andy for a while last night. He's FUNNY! ANDREW: See? I went out to play today, didn't MUG all day!!! See u soon!!! Anyway, everytime I see Andy, he's a changed boy/man and it's for the better! Tsk. Andy makes me happy. I need to ration the number of times I meet him.

Oh, for FST people... I don't know if this is too late but...
  • Meat: Check out Food Chemistry (Owen R. Fennema)
  • Plant Produce:
  • Postmortem Changes in Fish:
  • Freshwater Fish as Raw Material for Processing:
A lot of the missing figures from her notes for Plant Produce can be found from the website. It seems like her notes are based on the FAO website.*

Phew. CM2142 - Analytical Chemistry paper is finally over!!! I reached school at 7.50am this morning! I only took a 20min drive! Well, the paper went better than expected but still not well done... Hmm... Let's just say I did my best and it's over! One more paper on Monday!!!

Ate lunch with LK and Jimmy at Northpoint.

Just saw the detailing list for the NJC Invitational Shoot. My detail is on 20th May, 8.30am to 9.45am, that means I'll have to be there around 7+am!??!?! ARGH!!! Why am I so lucky?!??!?!? Tsk. I'm the only one from NUS in the FIRST detail of the day. QL and Hazel got the 10.00am slot!!! TSK. 19 May cannot play until so late liao. HAIYA. Ok. Oh well. Must go study for Post Harvest liao, BYE.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Had lunch with Jimmy again. We went to Northpoint as I had to buy some stuff!

Anyway, I felt like touching the guitar last night.. so.. I touched it. Heh. Strummed a few chords. I can only remember C Major! Haha. Used the music application in my phone.. It's kinda cool since it shows the fingering for the chords. My fingers are PAIN!!! Tsk, it seems like a torture to play the guitar. I give up (again) !!!

Oh, pQ ought to be shot by a firing squad!!! Maybe I should send a pQ-seeking missile over. I just need to push the red button. Or should I send ninjas???? Ninja turtles! Ninja hangfies!!! HAHA. Hafnium's bdae coming soon (Sunday)!!! pQ can celebrate!!! I need to kill pQ!!! Let me KILL YOU!!! Sorry, too much mugging. WAITING FOR MONDAY!!! I'm gonna paint the town RED!!! Maybe blue!!! Eh? Am I going town on Monday? No! Yay, I got other EVIL plans. Muahhaahahhaa. I'm not telling you YET. Wah lau, I stalked myself and found some shit. YUCKS, YUCKS. GROSSED >> YUCKS. I should kill someone.

I've officially finished study for Chemistry tomorrow! One final round of revision tonight!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I had lunch at home today. It was great I guess:
  1. Potato Salad
  2. Pasta
  3. Kimchi
  4. Smoked Chicken
  5. French Beans
Anyway, today I shall address the issue of cyberstalking. I have encountered this issue in 2 modules (Computing and Society, Intellectual Property in Cyberspace). Two requirements are needed to commit a crime >> motive and opportunity. The internet provides the opportunity. I guess it's so easy to stalk someone online. I could find a lot of information about myself just by typing in my name into Google. Some information's from blogs and others are from competition results (my running ones are gone, the records are too old, phew) and elsewhere. Well, do you know that a person's personal information can be bought (e.g. social security number)? This occurs more often in the US. There was a case of a girl getting murdered as a result of cyberstalking. She didn't even know the guy who murdered her. Perhaps National Crime and Prevention Centre should hold a cyberstalking competition! That should have a great impact on creating awareness about cyberstalking!!!

Well, almost everyone has the ability to cyberstalk. But as Spidey says, "with great power comes great responsibility". I'm a responsible stalker. HEHE. Anyway, I came across this thing I wrote a couple of years ago. Rather lame but here it is anyway: Don't you think stalkers are in fact spies? Perhaps the difference lies in motive.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Titus' paw on my notes! TSK.
For lunch, Jimmy and I got to go to Serangoon Garden! This was our 3rd attempt.

1st attempt: Too crowded.
2nd attempt: About to rain.

Studied some Chemistry in the morning. STUDIED A WHOLE LOT OF FST2106 - Post Harvest! The notes are rather jumpy and disorganized. My summary's a little disorganized too. My brain finds it hard to flow. It feels Bio-ish. I love it. 3 long essays!!! Saturated. I was starting to talk to myself about Post Harvest out loud and I was getting hysterical. That's when I decided I should leave the house.

pQ cut her hair AGAIN!!! rZ: Please scold her. Thanks. SUPER SHORT. Furthermore, she wanted to share dinner and a drink with me. HELLO, that looks wrong. Anyway, we had dinner at Sunplaza and went to NTUC. I got some breakfast and she got some junk (2 tubs of ICE CREAM)!!! One tub is Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby!!! To die for. By the way, I think pQ likes getting scolded by me. Tsk. And.. HOW (FYI: tt's her surname) PQ!!! After our exams, while I'm in SG, you can't play with me and you still complain about me going to Canada! Fine, I don't need you, I can go out with me, myself and I. Muahahhaha.. Tsk, what am I going to do on April 30?!?!??! Last day of exams (by tradition, I must go out)!!! Ok, actually I have a few exciting plans! Not telling you people until after, later I get stalked!

Front View.

Side View.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

at17 at PopVillage 2006

This was what I was working for which clashed with the NUSIS chalet last year. This is a cover of Paranoid Android. The sound quality's not too good since it was at Fort Canning and open-air, probably the quality of the camera too. I heard the Radiohead version the other day. Anyway, the last part with the guitar is damn cool. Tsk, girls and guitars. Seems like most of my female friends can play guitar. Cool.


I had my GEK1042 - Intellectual Property in Cyberspace examination this morning. I think I was a little traumatized after the paper. Open book, essay paper. This level of traumatization is much lower than in previous semesters. The traumatization is not due to my inability to handle the paper but rather due to 2 hours of focusing, thinking and writing as fast as I can in the most organized manner while flipping through indexed notes. Intense.

After that, I met Jimmy for lunch. We ate Pepper Lunch at J8. I still smell of Pepper Lunch! There's a new arcade over there (but I resigned from arcade gaming remember?) so I didn't play any games.

Anyway, I came a sudden realization (very sudden) that I do not want to go overseas to do my Professional Placement programme (or more commonly known as Industrial Attachment - IA). We were discussing about IA this morning and Lorraine told me about the tough competition for Nestle in Switzerland. I was thinking about it when I reached home and I asked myself if I really wanted to go there. I realized I didn't want to anymore. I don't want to go overseas for a reason that most of you would frown upon. The reason being that if I did go overseas for IA, I'd be having a long distance relationship with my LP-10 (that's an air pistol if you don't know by now). I think we get to choose our IA once the exams are over. Ok, it's clear now. I know what I want (at least at this point in time), I hope I can get it.

Correction: Spidey opens on 1st May. Watching Spidey with Andy on Labour Day!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007


I had a headache while driving to school and it lasted throughout my paper and its still here now. I took my FST2201 - Human Nutrition paper at 1pm. I finished around 2.15pm, checked through and left. It was the first time I left before the time was up (cos of my damn headache and that I have a paper at 9am tomorrow).

The format was 100 MCQs of which I was unsure of 18 of them. That's quite a lot I guess. It's not the easiest of papers but I suppose it was ok.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Met Jimmy AGAIN for lunch. He's the only free person who stays near enough! The rest was study, study, study!

Imploding. People and politics. What's up man? It's when you know what's going to happen and you can only hope you choose the appropriate line of action..

I'm gun-sick. My next date with gun's on 2nd May!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Met Jimmy for lunch today.

In the evening, I attended my niece's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday Tiffany! Gosh, my brother is old. He stays at Sembawang too. So many Sembawangians. Tsk. It ended at 9+pm. After that I drove around for about 2 hours then I decided to visit pQ (uninvited). Waited for her at her void deck. I guess in Singapore, the place which you can find the most solitude is driving in your car. Compartmentalized. Sometimes people do things and they don't realize the implications. Well, that's people... People complicate things.

I didn't know you could see the sun set at Seletar Reservoir in the evening. It's nicer than this. The camera doesn't do justice. Just seeing it made me stop over and take a photo. It gives me a feeling a calm and serenity. Don't let the sun set on me....

Friday, April 20, 2007


I managed to cover some material quite fast and I had a sudden urge to run! So, I met up with Andrew at MacRitchie! Anyway, we walked most of it! Haha. Nice weather though. He says I inspire him to study. Haha.. He couldn't stop smiling.. all the way from the time we met till we parted! Mad! He says cos he's happy to meet me! Haha. Cheeky boy lar. Lucky I know him well if not I thought he's a buaya!!!

I did a whole lot of Chemistry today! Anyway, I think excercising improved my concentration immensely. Cool.

Oh, I mixed orange juice with milk today. I knew the milk proteins would precipitate due to the high acidity of the orange juice (I tried this before). Some time ago, I saw that they sold pineapple milk at the arts canteen (pineapple juice and milk). I was thinking how it was possible so I bought the drink. The mouthfeel was powdery. Pineapple is too acidic as well.

However, this reaction takes time and you could still get the creamy mouthfeel of milk with an orange taste if you drink it fast enough. It tastes like a creamy yoghurt drink >> nice. If not consumed quickly, then the milk starts to get a powdery feel due to denaturation. Check the powdery (the big lumps are orange pulp) stuff out:

Thursday, April 19, 2007


This afternoon, I met Jimmy at AMK for lunch. Ate some Japanese food since I wanted air-con and free flow green tea. Heh. Jimmy sms me for lunch just as I was going to start to pack up from finishing my work before lunch! What good timing!

I was calculating my C.A.P. just now. A bit horrified but I should be able to get the grades. I just need 4.062 for my S.A.P. for this semester. If everything goes well and as I predict, I should get at least 4.2 for my S.A.P.!

I just reviewed my modules for the next semester. There's 4 cores and 1 compulsory elective. So it's like 5 cores? The modules are super heavy. Not heavy enough to get me down!
  • Food Enzymology and Fermentation - we get to make red wine as our project!
  • Food Safety Assurance
  • Advanced Food Engineering (DAMN. This is so chemical engineering.)
  • Food Sensory, Innovation and Packaging (6 MCs - the new food product development project!!! FUN!!)
I have to choose either of these.. I don't think I'll take the independent study module.
  • Nutrition and Disease Prevention
  • Microbiology (under Life Sciences Department)
Hmm, most of my friends will be taking the nutrition module. I think I might take Microbiology. They say that's a whole lot of memory and it's tough. The competition in Life Science is tough but.. let's make it tougher (with me taking it.. haha.. right). Let me do some background research on these 2 modules. Time to chat with seniors/sis-in-law.

The above modules sound rather exciting! At least more exciting than what I'm taking at present:
  1. Analytical Chemistry
  2. Science of Music (quite easy actually - no exam!)
  3. Post Harvest Food Processing (kind of like Biology - LOVE it!!!)
  4. Introduction to Human Nutrition (quite OK module too)
  5. Intellectual Property In Cyberspace (Business Law module - love the lecturer so I love it)
Well, I guess the only less exciting module is just Analytical Chemistry. I like Analytical Chemistry. I like Analytical Chemistry. Maybe if I say/type that "I like Analytical Chemistry", I would really come to like it (right..)! Anyway, I felt a little smarter today since I could do the questions in the Analytical Chemistry Nov 2004 Examination!

Some things are inevitable. I try to see it in black and white but all I get is grey... ARGH. Things change. People change. What a dynamic world with dynamic entities.. Screw it~!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I read main cause as main course. Tsk. Studying Human Nutrition gets me hungry every time!!! Tsk. Too much thoughts about food. Anyway, one of the hormones that trigger hunger is ghrelin which is secreted by the epithelial cells of the stomach. I think there's been some abnormalitites in its secretion lately. Something wrong with its regulation!

Oh, do you know you could be fit and fat (e.g. sumo wrestlers)? But, obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular heart disease, hypertension and diabetes Type II (Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus).

Seafood restaurants often serve live seafood (as in you get to choose one from the tank). This is probably economically driven as crustaceans like lobsters and crabs spoil rapidly upon death. The best post havest "treatment" for these is to keep them alive.

All those fish paste products like fish cakes and fish balls are made from surimi. It was developed in Japan. Surimi is made from fresh white fish (it has to be fresh if not the paste won't gel together).

Hiccups may be due to indigestion, eating/drinking too fast, irritation of the diaphragm and other causes. One way of curing hiccups is to dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth.

Too little excercise over weeks and months is as exhausting as too much. The less you do, the less you're able to do and the more fatigued you feel. This condition is known as sedentary inertia. Tsk. I used to slot excercise in during the studying period for the exams. I guess I was a little too slack during the term so now I can only study. 12 hours per day!!! Start work 8am, end work at 10pm and break one hour each for lunch and dinner. I'd feel more complete with excercise! Nvm, I feel like a mugger again. Yay!!!

Anyway, my lecturer is funny!
Beer's Law:
A = a b c >>>> this is his abc law
And he says.. "Guys like beers lor!"

Ok, that's the end of my revision section.

I just realized a lot of my seniors are graduating!!! Man.. My 'sister' Joanna!!! She's a zai law student. She got style sia. I would love her to be my lawyer!!! She graduating!!! Nat, Shirley, Regina and a million more people. Eh? Jimmy graduating??? But he will still be at the range so nvm! Haha. Ok, I've got 2 more years in NUS. Better make it good before I start working. I wish I could be a student forever!!! Studying is more fun than working. I love exams!!! O Levels was fun.. A Levels.. a lot to study, but fun... University.. No one can help me, but fun.

Unity? Too much politics. Too much beneath the surface. Inevitable change. What if? Don't bother with "what if's". Deal with "what now". Exams first, thoughts later.

The Gift...
I'll give you something intangible. I'll offer you an experience that would be embedded into your memory. 'Cos at the end of the day, all we're left with are the memories of a distant past.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Take a good look at these lyrics. It relates to me having issues about issues.

"I wanted to be hero, but now.. I can't even save myself..."

Have you ever felt that you were ready to die? In the sense that you were at peace and had no regrets. And then you go make some mistakes and now you sing "Run and tell all the angels, this could take some time..." Perhaps the ideal would have been to die while you were at peace, but then again.. ideals don't exist. And my response to the notion that 'ideals don't exist' would have been "The ideal is the goal. The point is to strive for the ideal and attain a situation closest to the ideal."

I don't make sense? It's ok. The point is, everyone falls.. but who gets up?

Monday, April 16, 2007


I borrowed Statistical Tables from the library! I was practising some Analytical Chemistry when I realized I couldn't get the final answers of the questions as I didn't have a stats table! So smart of me.

In the morning, I went down to NUS for a compulsory Summer Programme briefing. It was like TV1101 (Travelling1101) and some health and culture education. Most of the information's common sense.

Anyway, as I was leaving school, I received an SMS from DAWGZ to celebrate GOLDEN DAWGZ birthdays (yes, the 's' is intentional). I was thinking that I'd just have to push off some work for the evening until I called Jimmy and realized we had to buy presents! Almost forgot. So, I only did work in the morning.

Song4 jiao4 lian4 joined us for dinner and KTV as well! Haha. Cool sia. For the first time, I sang quite a lot of Chinese, w/o the mic of course). Funny, when it came to the parts with English words, DAWGZ would pass me the mic! I got home around 2am. Wow. Anyway, lessons learnt:
  1. Do not tell Jierong that I worked backstage for GCMA and passed Andy Lau and SHE (and many other people) their mics (esp. for Andy Lau... almost got killed)
  2. Do not tell people that I've gained 8kg since Cedar - Siew Peng and Jierong will murder me
  3. Do not tell people how much I ate before meeting them at Maxwell market (where I ate again) - I think I almost got killed too
  4. Eat small amounts in front of people and don't talk - anything I say will probably result in me getting killed (later next time got stray shot at the range and kill me, you know why)

Oh! SP say I'm not talkative, just energetic (she feels tired when she sees me talk)! Wah, people say I not talkative leh. (",)


Sunday, April 15, 2007


I finished my work damn early today! I was planning to go out for a movie when pQ smsed me to eat dinner at Ah Seah with her, rZ and Sep! The usual people at the usual place!

After that, I planned to catch a movie with me, myself and I but pQ insisted on going! Haha. I thought everyone needed to study but well, she wanted to go too. We watched "The Number 23" at Sunplaza! The thriller's not bad but pQ doesn't like the loopholes. I couldn't be bothered with thinking. It was entertaining. Period.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Spent the day mugging again! My rough paper stack decreased by an inch from the last time I took notice (a week back?) and my bin is full. Great! Shows I've been studying! Anyway, if you have potatoes which have sprouted, throw them away! On sprouting, potatoes synthesize a carceinogenic substance called solanine. A squid is a very intelligent creature. I don't know why, ask my teacher. Oh, and why is the flesh of salmon that orangey colour? It's due to the presence of carotene, the same substance that is responsible for your orange carrot. Anyway, if you consume a lot of carotene (by drinking carrot juice, etc), your palms may turn yellow!!! Haha! Ms Pig: I think that's why you have such yellow palms!

I figured it was time to change the toaster oven so I made a request. My father bought home an oven (not a toaster oven) which is great! Now, I don't have to go over to my brother's place to bake cakes/cookies. YaY! Ok, yet another post-exam activity. I got to remember that I don't much time actually.

The invoice for the LP-10 came today.. $2362.50 (inclusive of GST). The license fee is $200 for 2 years. HomeTeamNS membership is $75 per annum. Storage fees? I'm not sure. Other hidden costs includes upgrading to use R10 pellets for training and buying silicon grease. I might possibly have to change to front sight. I have a horrible feeling it's 3.0mm (since it's from the same batch they sold to NUS). That would be another $40? Shit. I better train hard. It's weird, my father pays all these for me and then he asks "Why you everyday go CDANS?". Tsk. Anyway, at least he supports me (partially because I show him the nicer target cards once in a while and especially just before I asked him to get me a gun.. strategy.. But the real reason is because he knows I'm happy shooting.. When I was running... Remind me again, why were we so crazy???) I remembered him being rather excited when I first joined shooting. I think he was glad that I stopped running after 7 yrs.

Hmm... If this amount was for running.. Hmm... Haha. Well, well.. My whole family hates me to run. They attribute my height to running. Yeah yeah. It's probably because I didn't sleep enough when I was younger. I only found this out while studying for Biology for A Levels. Anyway, these 2 sports are so different. For one, I spend 2+ hours moving as much as I can. For the other, I spend 2+ hours standing in one spot. Interesting (this word is SO politically correct just like a whole other list of words: pleasant, etc). Ok, the point is, I finally fufilled my childhood fantasy of owning a gun (air pistol no doubt but it's a start). I'm gonna buy tanks, gun turrets, okok... dream on. I just want my castle, a knight, a dragon in the dungeon, a stable with my horse, a moat so I can canoe around my castle.. And a McLaren F1 GT 1997 in the porch (I haven't forgotten about my dream car!!!). Andrew still remembers about me and my castles. Good boy. He's spending his days slacking around wishing he was Spiderman. That is.. so him.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Spent the day mugging. pQ came over with lunch after her school to do her midi stuff. She needed my Anvil Studio program. I took a really long time just to clear 3 sets of notes of FST2106. I had to go through Professor Google, some photostated material and some notes I made previously to organize the points in my notes clearly! I'm kinda behind time! Tomorrow's an early day then!

My order's been placed for my LP-10! Just a bit more red tape to clear! The weapon should be arriving soon.. Hope the front sight is really 4.5mm. Well well.

Hmm.. Forgot some other considerations but the problem is solved. Almost anyway!

Even the manual air pump for the air weapons are spoiled!

Should we get a 5-litre or 11-litre scuba tank to charge our cylinders for our air weapons? We have a maximum of rental of one month before we must return the scuba tank. Each time we rent another tank, transport fees apply. The following calculations should aid us in making the decision of which size tank to rent.

LP-10 Cylinder Volume = 1.414 x 10-4 m3

Model 700 Alu Cylinder Volume = 2.619 x 10-4 m3

Using pV = nRT, where p is in Pa, V is in m3, R = 8.3145 and T = 298K.

For LP-10:

n = 1.141 mol air per cylinder

For Model 700 Alu:

n = 2.114 mol air per cylinder

For a 5 litre scuba tank (200bar):

n = 40.36 mol

For an 11 litre scuba tank (200bar):

n = 88.79 mol

Assuming we have to charge 4 LP-10 and 2 Model 700 cylinders in one session, a 5-litre tank wil allow us 4.6 sessions and a 11-litre tank will allow us 10.0 sessions. To charge 8 LP-10 and 2 Model 700 cylinders in one session, a 5-litre tank wil allow us 3.0 sessions and a 11-litre tank will allow us 6.6 sessions.

However, the above calculation for the number of sessions is an overestimate as each time we charge the cylinders, the pressure in the scuba tank decreases and there will come a point in which we would have to re-fill the scuba tank before it is emptied to obtain a desirable pressure to charge the gun.

Jimmy, please assist in the rest of the calculations. Thank you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I had my PC1327 - Science of Music test today! To me, the most challenging question was question 1! Haha. Stunned me for a while. Anyway, the test was great!

After school, Jimmy and I headed for training. We spent a great deal slacking around the Top Notch office. Later, I drew a gun, stood at the bay and prepared for training. When I lifted the gun, it was super shaky so I put it down. I tried a few times. Finally, I was able to bring the sights to the aiming area but my sight relationship was shaking like hell. Jaime's muscles were in a bundle? Jaime's muscles were tight. Jaime's muscles felt strained. Jaime kept the gun back. Jaime sat down. Jaime left the range. Jaime couldn't train. Depressing.

Anyway, Valen sent Uncle Jimmy (armourer), Jimmy Coach and Ruihong for dinner. Uncle Jimmy suan me!!! A LOT!!!! Haha. Ok.

Well, pQ and I met up and had dinner at Swensens. My idea. Food cheers me up. The service was excellent. Well done to the branch of Swensens at Northpoint. We walked around Northpoint a bit and headed to Sembawang Park. Lots of sandflies. Anyway, Sembawang is so ulu that I broke almost every traffic rule!

This bus stop at Sembawang didn't even have seats!
Anyway, there's an Andrews Ave at Sembawang.
Andrew Rd is at Lornie Rd. Confusing.

Andrew reminded me of our date for Spiderman! He remembered! Amazing!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


  1. Ham
  2. Cheese
  3. Hard boiled egg (semi actually)
  4. Milk

Guess what's this!!!
It's an egg yolk!

The egg white coagulates from 62-65°C and the egg yolk coagulates from 65-70°C. However, my egg yolk seemed to have coagulated to a greater extent than my egg white (which was kind of soft). It could be due to my egg not being fully submerged in the boiling water and the areas which were not submerged were semi-solid which is why I could easily remove the egg white and eat it first. However, it still intrigues me that the white around the yolk was not very solid as well even though the yolk was. The heat was transferred and stayed within the yolk region??!! Ok, I don't make sense.

And no, this was not one of my weird experiments. Experiments only occur during the holidays. I have yet to conduct my teeth in coke experiment. I have a few teeth (not the ones currently attached to my gums) and the coke can easily be bought. I should try the experiment with mentos with coke too. The reason for the explosive action is due to the rough surface of the mentos sweet, something like that, I'll have to do further research on that.

It is interesting to note that mint still smells like mint after it rots (for about 2 weeks at room temperature). I conducted the mint experiment after my A Levels.

BadMintOn Tuesdays. I used to play badminton on Tuesdays!

Ok, the point I want to make is.. I MISS DJ!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Was in the library at 8.30am to get some pictures/figures for my FST2106 notes. After that, I started studying Science of Music and there was some basic Physics in there (I don't even have basic Physics.. nothing that can't be learned). I grabbed two Physics texts off the shelf and started to read about levers. I couldn't help but flip to read about the terms that Jimmy told me in relation to shooting (torque, inertia, impulse). I read about momentum and recoil as well. Interesting. I made some notes! I feel like a good student but unfortunately AP1101 (AP = Air Pistol) doesn't exist.

Anyway, for Science of Music, I learned about 'mechanical advantage'. Mechanical advantage is the ratio of the output force to the input force. One of the 3rd class levers in the piano has a M.A. of 0.5. Given this, input force should be 2 times of output force (doesn't sound like an advantage to me). Why would a M.A. of 0.5 cause the load to double its velocity (i.e. 2 times the speed of the effort) since the input force is larger than the output force? Wouldn't a greater force translate into greater velocity? If so, shouldn't the M.A. be 2 and not 0.5? Are my notes wrong??? Hmm. Let me know if you know. Probably won't be in the test this Thursday. I'm just curious.

We had our Human Nutrition poster presentation today!

Chewy >> my lab partner/project mate!!!

Poster by Yuwei and Yin Teng.
It was right next to ours >> made me hungry!

Hmm.. Jeffrey (from AWC) was quite funny today. He had to pump the gas cylinder for the LP-10 before training. I told him it was a difficult task to do (given the leaking, manual pump). He said he'd done it in VJC before. When he returned from pumping the cylinder, he was drenched!!! Haha. Damn funny. So sad for him, he couldn't train after that. Too tired! He tried out the gun and then left! Tsk. Ok, shall not laugh at him anymore, I'll be worse off when I get my gun. I think I shall allocate days to pump gas cylinders and days to train. Heh. Funny.

Today was the usual 'black-white-30-50' (dry fire on black, then white, shoot 30-shot grouping and 50 shots). Dry firing section was horrid today but the actual shots were ok. About 70% within 9-ring.

My father brought home a friend. Good for him. I was so tired from training that I had to force a cheerful face + smile + "Hello Aunty". Awkward. Well well... Now, I'm starving. I haven't had dinner but I found it rude to leave the house when there was a guest so I guess I'll go make some instant noodles. STARVING at 9.38pm.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I LOVE MY LECTURER (A/P Susanna H. S. Leong). I think she's the kindest, most caring lecturer and she is damn motherly!!! Her papers are tough and she marks rather strictly but we all love her! After the lecture today, we all clap hands for her lor! Goodness. I'm so sad can? She even gave us her mobile number in case we have urgent questions for her. Tsk, if I'm mad enough, I'll find out what other modules she teaches and take them! She got me interested in law!!! Excellent.

Our GEK1042 lecture ended very early so after studying a bit, I walked to S2 where I visited fishes (bet many of you don't know there are fishes and terrapins in Science).

After school, Valen sent pQ and HJ home. Hmm. Weird combination. pQ's a wack and HJ's so calm. Haha. Funny. Interesting.

Ok, did quite a bit of studying. Proud of myself. I'm currently hungering. I need food. I'm like constantly hungry everyday!!! ARGH. I wanna eat my French food - another post-exam activity.

Sunday, April 08, 2007



We had a monthly shoot this morning! Some funny stuff happened (like my trigger shifted and someone shot the wire which broke into 2 and the lamps at the targets were out as well as the machines to roll back the target cards).

Well, shot quite a few 7s. I either pulled the trigger too fast or shot off when I shouldn't have. Oh well. Ok, anyway, my score was 347 and I got 2nd. Yay, $15 voucher for the sports shop at HomeTeamNS.

Anyway, pQ and I had lunch at Sunplaza and she's now at my place!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

In need of assistance.


You guys know of any companies/people willing to sponsor prizes, vouchers and stuff? I need it for an event. Let me know ok? You may leave a comment here or email me at booboocow[at]hotmail[dot]com!

If you're frich (i.e. filthy rich), and willing to sponsor 3 good prizes. Let me know as well! (",)

Thanks in advance.



Some seashells from Bintan.

In the afternoon, pQ and I had lunch at Northpoint (she ate, I watched since I just had lunch at home). After that, we went shopping at Sunplaza! What a cool place to hang out! Anyway, the foodcourt's opened already! It's kinda bright. We each bought a towel with the same design. So gay. It's a nice towel with stars and crescents!! After that, we hung out in my car scooping ice cream from a tub! FAT.

In the evening, my father, Julius, Agnes, Horatius and I went for dinner at Rice Table near Centrepoint! It's the first time we've been out with my father to Orchard Rd. He refuses to drive there.

Friday, April 06, 2007


It's a solemn day today - Good Friday. I attended mass at 3pm. I reached there at 2.30pm and all the seats were filled and I almost had trouble finding a place to stand. But, no complaints from me. It's Good Friday.

My Schedule. Packed- the way I like it.
Let's MUG.

Gun Labels and Stuff.

I planned my schedule and got some work done (both academic and AWC related). I finally completed my Science of Music Midi composition. Settled some AWC stuff like gun labels, inventory, etc.! I OCD-ed (OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) while making the gun labels and list of items.

Moments in time... A single moment to change it all. A fluttering moment. A dying moment. Making sense of nothingness. Sweet misery. This vow I make.. never again.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


pQ and her sister, Ya Ling.
They look like brother and sister, don't they?
pQ: Your hair nice, don't sad.

Today is Maundy Thursday. I joined in with the Catholic Students' Society to attend mass and visit churches as well as have a sedar meal. Interesting, structured, meal.

I had my Analytical Chemistry test today. Tsk tsk. My worst done paper this semester. Well well.. At least this slaps me in the face and forces me to ensure I get close to full marks in the exam. Time to transform back to mugger shen.

Anyway, keep knowing R's (people from the Raffles schools) lately. Yesterday, I got introduced to an R. Today, I got introduced to 2 more R's of the 3 girls that I knew today. That's a grand total of 3 R's in 2 days! Furthermore, all their names start with 'M'!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I attended the Science of Music tutorial again today. pQ wanted company so I went to school.

I was damn distracted at training. Kinda off-form today I guess. I was worrying about my test tomorrow. Guess tomorrow's an early wake-up day.

GTG. Goodnight.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Chewy and I finally finished our poster project! It looks damn good! Thanks to her! All we have to do is print it! It will be displayed outside LT20 the coming Tuesday! Here's a sneak peak...

Anyway, training felt good today. Achieved a few things:
  • I finally solved my leg/knee position problem
  • I shot more 10s
  • I could predict my shots before rolling the card back (most of the time anyway)
  • I sighted my gun WELL!!!!!! First time!
  • I could focus even with Hui Hui distracting me for my last shot (which was a 10) (",)

However, I need to work on my stray shots. Tsk. The problem's with wrist lock and jerking the trigger.

, Jimmy and I went to AMK S11 for dinper (dinner/supper) and we talked the whole night (till past midnight).

Monday, April 02, 2007


We had a test for GEK1042 (Intellectual Property in Cyberspace) this morning. It's rather tricky I guess but should be fine.

Spent some time talking about triggering with Hj and Jimmy today. It felt like a private sectional teaching session. Hmm... Trigger, trigger. Let's hope for no insomnia.

The rest of the day was spent on mugging and a quick dinner.

By the way, Titus stepped on my notes and left a paw print there. Tsk.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Firstly, Happy April Fools' Day!

After church, I went down to train - 2 hours dry firing!

Following that, Sandra and I headed to school to mug. After pQ's project meeting, she came over to look for us!

In the evening, we went to Indochine at Wisma Atria to celebrate Vickie's 21st birthday (5th April)! Goodness, Mui Ngee looks different. Gabriel, Lionel and Weixin still look the same as they were in JC. Lionel is damn funny man. He almost killed me. Haha. Oops. Started the trend of suaning him. Haha. After that, it became like a disease. Even the guys suaned him! Gabriel and Lionel's coming to NUS! Cool. Many many people coming! Lionel wants to try air pistol too! Yay!!! GOOD BOY. Indochine was too dark so we couldn't see too well. I remember Gabriel as the VS boy with cute teeth. Haha. Don't ask me to define cute teeth. If you see it, you'll understand!