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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I had my PC1327 - Science of Music test today! To me, the most challenging question was question 1! Haha. Stunned me for a while. Anyway, the test was great!

After school, Jimmy and I headed for training. We spent a great deal slacking around the Top Notch office. Later, I drew a gun, stood at the bay and prepared for training. When I lifted the gun, it was super shaky so I put it down. I tried a few times. Finally, I was able to bring the sights to the aiming area but my sight relationship was shaking like hell. Jaime's muscles were in a bundle? Jaime's muscles were tight. Jaime's muscles felt strained. Jaime kept the gun back. Jaime sat down. Jaime left the range. Jaime couldn't train. Depressing.

Anyway, Valen sent Uncle Jimmy (armourer), Jimmy Coach and Ruihong for dinner. Uncle Jimmy suan me!!! A LOT!!!! Haha. Ok.

Well, pQ and I met up and had dinner at Swensens. My idea. Food cheers me up. The service was excellent. Well done to the branch of Swensens at Northpoint. We walked around Northpoint a bit and headed to Sembawang Park. Lots of sandflies. Anyway, Sembawang is so ulu that I broke almost every traffic rule!

This bus stop at Sembawang didn't even have seats!
Anyway, there's an Andrews Ave at Sembawang.
Andrew Rd is at Lornie Rd. Confusing.

Andrew reminded me of our date for Spiderman! He remembered! Amazing!!!


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