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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Was in the library at 8.30am to get some pictures/figures for my FST2106 notes. After that, I started studying Science of Music and there was some basic Physics in there (I don't even have basic Physics.. nothing that can't be learned). I grabbed two Physics texts off the shelf and started to read about levers. I couldn't help but flip to read about the terms that Jimmy told me in relation to shooting (torque, inertia, impulse). I read about momentum and recoil as well. Interesting. I made some notes! I feel like a good student but unfortunately AP1101 (AP = Air Pistol) doesn't exist.

Anyway, for Science of Music, I learned about 'mechanical advantage'. Mechanical advantage is the ratio of the output force to the input force. One of the 3rd class levers in the piano has a M.A. of 0.5. Given this, input force should be 2 times of output force (doesn't sound like an advantage to me). Why would a M.A. of 0.5 cause the load to double its velocity (i.e. 2 times the speed of the effort) since the input force is larger than the output force? Wouldn't a greater force translate into greater velocity? If so, shouldn't the M.A. be 2 and not 0.5? Are my notes wrong??? Hmm. Let me know if you know. Probably won't be in the test this Thursday. I'm just curious.

We had our Human Nutrition poster presentation today!

Chewy >> my lab partner/project mate!!!

Poster by Yuwei and Yin Teng.
It was right next to ours >> made me hungry!

Hmm.. Jeffrey (from AWC) was quite funny today. He had to pump the gas cylinder for the LP-10 before training. I told him it was a difficult task to do (given the leaking, manual pump). He said he'd done it in VJC before. When he returned from pumping the cylinder, he was drenched!!! Haha. Damn funny. So sad for him, he couldn't train after that. Too tired! He tried out the gun and then left! Tsk. Ok, shall not laugh at him anymore, I'll be worse off when I get my gun. I think I shall allocate days to pump gas cylinders and days to train. Heh. Funny.

Today was the usual 'black-white-30-50' (dry fire on black, then white, shoot 30-shot grouping and 50 shots). Dry firing section was horrid today but the actual shots were ok. About 70% within 9-ring.

My father brought home a friend. Good for him. I was so tired from training that I had to force a cheerful face + smile + "Hello Aunty". Awkward. Well well... Now, I'm starving. I haven't had dinner but I found it rude to leave the house when there was a guest so I guess I'll go make some instant noodles. STARVING at 9.38pm.


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