The desire to excel. The passion to dedicate. The determination to see it through.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I felt a sudden need to slack! Work's too crazy! Anyway, watched The House Bunny with JY. Damn funny! At night, headed to Poh's place with Ruiz to slack. They so on sia.. Just come back from Vietnam in the evening then jio me go out liao. Amazed!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Heh. Nice hokkien song. They have it in mandarin too. Now I really feel old.. =)

It's called 小薇!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today was muggy day. Didn't watch F1 at all! Oh well! (",)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Changed snail shell today! Gosh.. Whole day used up.. Just finished unpacking and stuff! It looks good! Heh. Will post photos of my room when free! I feel like I'm in a hotel! The bathroom is quite hotel-ish. Love my bed. Ok, sleepy. Good night!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Had Sports Club meeting then headed for Sociology of Food project meeting where we had to cook! We photo-ed and filmed our "cooking". Heh. We did steamboat. Nice! Packed a bit and moved some stuff over to pQ's. Tried to train but failed miserably. Suddenly my hand grew fatter. LOL. Overused it while helping pQ to fix her shelf. Oh well! If I screwed it a bit more will have blister liao. Now got red red. Heh. Anyway, it was my pleasure. Hmm, she saw my weights and we started a discussion on why the heck we were so crazy last time.. Trained like crap.. Ankle/wrist weights.. backpacks.. parachutes.. sleighs.. great abs.. crazily motivated. Read through a compilation of stories I wrote back in Primary 6. I stopped after 3 stories. It was too eerie. The stories were all themed with gore and vengeance. The same theme existed in my running days. For now, things have changed. I'm doing things for the love of it.. which is quite.. cool.

Headed back home to pack.. Till now.. It's like 2am.. And I'm starving (now that's an understatement). Waiting for instant noodles to cook. Still got substantial amount to pack. Opened a bottle of red wine and been savouring it the entire night. Cheers. So much liquor at home so keep drinking these few days... but in moderation. My drinking habits and tastebuds have changed back to the old ways (had alcohol aversion to JD and coke last night.. eek). Gosh. I feel like I'm packing for 400 overseas trips!!! Used 2 extra large luggages and many many boxes.. and I'm still not done. Thanks for everyone who offered their help but I'm pricky. I need things in a certain way if not I not happy.. therefore, I gotta do it myself. Oh, and I have 3 strong/fit/healthy brothers and a father as MANpower. Then there's the movers too.. So all is cool. Except for the part when I carry (or rather PUSH) the boxes to the main hall. DAMN HEAVY SIA. Hehe. Decided to give up most comforts of urban life (not that I really utilised them). Found it hard to throw some things away. Afraid I'd forget one of the most important events in my life.. Anyhow, moving is eggciting and all.. but now, define home...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Spent the day mugging... Then packing!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Went Changi Airport this morning to send Ruiz off. Headed to CCK to shoot then headed to HTNS to shoot. Fun! Ok, busy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Spent the day at lab then headed to IKEA then to the range!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Met Ruiz to watch Bangkok Dangerous and Step Brothers! Step Brothers was quite funny!

Anyhow, went to get some stuff at IKEA then headed to my new room to fix some stuff! We fixed the new sofa bed today! That was fun!

Ok, today was break day. It's time to hit the books, hard!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


The first thing I saw in the morning was a cloud with a silver lining. It provided much comfort and reassurance. A hopeful prospect in the midst of difficulty. Today will be a good day.

Posted at 10.00pm:
Today is a good day! (",)

For the people in my car the other day:
Glycogenesis: Glucose >> Glycogen
Glycogenolysis: Glycogen >> Glucose
Gluconeogenesis: Glucose >> Fat (synthesis of glucose from amino acids and lipids)
Lipid metabolism: Fat is used as a respiratory substrate. Fats are hydrolysed into fatty acids and glycerol. Fatty acids are then converted to acetyl CoA (via beta-oxidation) and enter the Krebs Cycle. (FYI, this is a very simplistic explanation of the process.)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Attended a facilitators@NUS session with the AWC Committee and well as some varsity members. The sessions were quite fun!

Anyway, after that, PF, JY, SL, ZJ and I headed to The Daily Scoop at Sunset Way to eat ice cream! Heehee. Love the flavour impact of the ice cream!!! Waffles are nice too. Decided to head on over to my place. Probably the last time they'd step into a colonial house! Simply slacked at my place. Nice. We were all brain-dead. Haha. Quite funny that they seem so attached to my place (ZJ even wanted to take photos before leaving.. No time to put them up here yet)! Well well. I'll be out within the week!

JY has given my smurfs a new home. Heehee. Love those smurfs. At least I know they're safe. Yea, it is almost impossible to buy a smurf toy in SG now. Rare. Tsk tsk. He gave some other stuffed toys and my knight a new home too. He really karang guni. LOL.

Anyhow, Zina has found a new family. Something feels missing when I open the gate and there's nothing to jump on me. The garden looks lonely.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Had the AWC AGM this evening. Was a lot less nervous than I thought I would be. Sparks.. Some things are not meant to be achieved. We just have to believe.

Give the world the best you have,

and it may never be enough;

Give the world the best you have anyway.

Take a look at the captions...

It's about a girl's need for approval..

Solid ground. The easiest to receive yet almost impossible to achieve...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Spent some time practising for a presentation for AWC AGM. I was blasting the music so I could not be heard during my rehearsal! Improves my concentration skills too!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Went training today and shot only a SINGLE SHOT (and that was a 骗吃骗喝 shot). Heehee. It was a 10. Knew I sure lose to CR if we shot 10 shots (damn tired today) so I suggested a single shot. I was doing dry firing for quite some time and I was just too tired. No see sights, no steady arm so I stopped training. Slept at 4am last night!!! Yay, earned a free drink today. Oh yah, I went to visit the fishes at Science. Love to stroll by them. Would love to show them to people before I leave NUS but if I don't, please check them out at S2. I feel like a kid looking at the fishies. Happy. Ok. SLEEP.

Tired body, energetic heart, energetic soul!!!
Am I too tired or am I just DAMN ELATED!??!?!?!?!
Inexpressible gratitude!
I've made it a point to look at the sky every day.
The clouds, the sun, the moon... It's nice.
Today, the sky was crimson for a moment. (",)

When the wind is against you, smile. You're about to take off.

Perhaps this song is apt..
I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


pQ and I was interviewed by Ms Piggy! Haha. So formal. Can't stand it! Haha. rZ called me "Jaime" for ONCE! Normally she calls me "lan4 mei2" >> since I was in Sec 2.

Working heart..! (",)

Monday, September 15, 2008


Spent the day in the lab! Had lab for FST4101 and I just had to leave the lab so headed to eat my bread in the canteen with some FST peeps. Headed back to the lab to do FYP till 6+pm after that. Was so exhausted that I semi-collapsed into the chair at my desk in the FST lab after that. Was pleasantly surprised to see 2 pieces of Hershey's chocolate on my desk! Derrick must have left it there since he gave one to me earlier. I was really appreciative of the chocolate. What a simple act that really really made me happy (for lack of a better word).

After that, I met Jan & Pat. We had dinner at TCC. The food was good! Headed to IKEA (Alexandra) to see bed then headed to IKEA (Tampines) to get the bed. Was trying out the mattresses.

This song is nice... Comfort, peace and serenity...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today's shoot was the toughest ever. What a struggle. At the end of my first series I was already exhausted. I was shocked I've only shot so few shots. At my 20+ shot, I thought I was finishing my final series then when I realised I had one more series to go, I was like... Wah. Stressed man. Coach sat THERE for like the whole of my first 3 series (I breathed a sigh of relief when she left). But because of that I had no time to think nor had I time to pacify my racing heart. Anyway, got 3rd so got monthly shoot prize!!! LOL. Shot 363/400 (91, 87, 94, 91) at the HTNS Monthly Shoot today.

Reminder to self: Remember to eat before shooting. Do not attend 9am mass if shoot is at 1120am. Attend mass at a nearer location or at 7am. Too rushed!

Went home and spent more time on my lab report! In the evening, Poh, Ruiz and JF came for farewell to my place. LOL. More of an excuse to try to finish up erm liquor. Haha. Anyway, I drank damn little and beer only. School term, no lavish drinking.

-enjoying the moment- Being spirited away, without a worry or care in the world, if only for a while...! (",)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today was lab report day! I spent the ENTIRE DAY till 1am to finish PART of my report! Gosh. It's really feeling LEVEL 4000! So tough. I spent 11 hours on it today and still not finished! I had dinner with father, Jan & Pat at the Beavers Pub in Seletar Camp. It's candlelit by the poolside! Nice ambience! Not too expensive either!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Training was quite funny today, at least towards the end. I happily kept my gun and everything after shooting "finish" then showed my cards to coach. After which, I had to draw gun again and shoot another 20 shots. After that, I ask QL not to pack her gun until she showed her cards.. She also had to shoot another 20 shots! Finally, QL and I asked Zi Jian to show his cards too! We wanted him to shoot another 20 shots too!!! LOL. I dragged Zi Jian to his bay to get his cards! Then, HE ALSO HAVE TO SHOOT ANOTHER 20 shots (team spirit. HEEHEE)!! We were all so amused (and a little stressed). CPF wanted to head home at 9+pm then ZJ ask her wait for him. So CPF added more pressure. LOL! It was 9.20pm and she ask us finish by 9.30pm (not that we really cared.. LOL). Then ar, the funniest thing was that ZJ's first shot was a 7. After which, both QL and I turned to him to say that his chance of heading home at 9.30pm just flew by. LOL. We were scaring him that he'd have to do another 20 shots. Then.. not long later, QL shot a 7 too! Much later, I shot a 6. Heh. My only stray!!! After I triggered, I was like, OH CRAP!

The whole scene was damn comical (cos we in the dun-wanna-shoot-anymore-but-need-to-do-these-20-shots-well mood)! ZJ was trying so hard to focus then we all happily packing up then he cannot concentrate. Our dear CPF asked him to concentrate on nothing but going home. HAHA. RIGHT. By the way, we left the range around 10pm. CPF was saying his 9s and 10s went home before him so I asked him to use 11 to chase after it, if you get the joke. Hehe. Today's training very entertaining. Training-training was quite alright too!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Managed to get more than 15 people to eat grasshoppers today (Swu Yi, our TA for Sociology of Food brought them and no one else dared to eat it in the class so after class she passed it to me)!!! These are the brave souls:
  • Adrienne
  • Hung Yi
  • HY's friend
  • Huey Yie
  • Leilani
  • Wan Ping
  • Dr Hanny
  • Derrick
  • A FST Senior taking FST4101
  • More than 5 Year 3 FST students (wah they DAMN ON)
  • Small and Big Grace (we ate bigger stuff in Cambodia so we're like immune)
We fear the unfamiliar and sometimes this fear is uncalled for!

Spent the day in school! Left around 6+pm! Anyway, I headed for my Riding Theory Test at 8pm. I was so tired. Passed it anyway. Haha, it's the most unexcited and unfeeling experience after receiving a test result. Too tired!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Headed to my car in the evening after lab. After driving off, I realised there was a yellow note stuck on my windshield. I wondered who left it there (it wasn't a parking summon as I was in NUS and it didn't look like a flyer). After a while, I realised it must have been pQ and Shena! pQ saw my car at Science after her lecture! What a NICE note they left me! Ok, I got the message and I feel loved!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Played with the CO2 gun! Haha. Anyway, saw the moving target rifle!!! Wah.. So cool! Like Silent Scope. LOL.

Today, we will look at 2 cases on driving and people! By the way, these are true accounts.

Case 1:
Everyday, A will arrive slightly before B at the car park at her workplace and A will be parking while B waits very impatiently for A to park, giving A much stress. After A parks, B zooms off really fast and A can even smell the burnt smell of the tyres of car B. However, A always meets B at the lift and B is a perfect gentleman then. B holds the lift door open for A.

Case 2:
Back in Manila, whenever C drives, she will wind down the window fully such that other motorists will see that she is a lady and be patient and give way to her. C claims that ladies have this special privilege behind the wheel.

How is it we are courteous to people while we're not behind the wheel but immediately transform into monsters and road gangsters when we drive? We don't tailgate people who walk too slow or shout a loud "SIAM!" (the equivalent of horning). We don't cut into people's paths or cut their queue (most people anyway). However, the proportion of people doing this while driving is significantly higher.

It seems as if we forget about our human relations as soon as we step behind the wheel. In a car, drivers see cars - objects. Drivers do not see another car and view it as another human being operating the vehicle. We seem to be more patient when we see people in their "human form".

Monday, September 08, 2008


Did a lot of school work today! Finally started on my honours project proper! Anyway, Sandra and I randomly decided to watch WallE this evening. NICE! Gosh, it's like 3.08am, Tues. I've been awake since 5am! Not to mention, had insomnia last night. Waiting for my file to upload and send now. Great! Done! SLEEP!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Hmm, met pQ for quick brunch today.

Busy/tiring day. So many weird events today. Such a coincidental clash of events. What was held separate has now united in the most peculiar way. One's alpha, another's omega. I think irony is an appropriate term. I must say, the crematorium nowadays quite high tech. One day we shall all meet again. In peace.

Anyhow, went to see "showroom" today. LOL. It's fun to furnish a room. I'm gonna be a super neat freak.

Ok, Pat is gonna dig out her weiqi set so I think I'm gonna learn weiqi (or at least how to pick up the seeds)! She was inspired by our game of (international) chess yesterday. Headache man. We think so hard that we decided to set a time limit for each round. My brother seemed to be falling asleep. His words, "I think so much during the week, on weekends my brain not suppose to think!" My sentiments exactly. Forgot to bring cards so the only form of entertainment my eldest brother had was chess. Quite interesting. Damn funny, I teamed with Mark and Mark said "Check!" like 8 times. LOL. Mark, my cousin, is one funny chap. Hmm, the last time I played chess was in primary school I think! Anyway, we were saying that chess is a female thing cos females go from the back to kill whereas males just chiong ahead and kill everything! Funny thought. Ok. Now sleep. Tmr 5am wakey to chiong schoolwork!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I need a break(out). And I haven't even touched my school work. We say and do what is required of us.. Not very honest at all. Honesty may not always be the best policy.. People hear what they want to hear.. They don't want to hear the truth. The truth is too hard to swallow and so it shall be swallowed.

Which is more righteous? Taking control of everything and steering everything into safe direction saving all the worries.. or.. Letting go.. Giving someone else hope and purpose at the expense of a "tougher" life. I say the latter. Hope and purpose are pivotal in a person's life. Without these 2 elements, there is merely existence or rather non-existence.

Life just got a little exciting..
Don't hide from what you seek.
I wanna travel through time, but without the journey, the end is meaningless.
Maximize potential with current resources! (",)
And one day, we'll run and play and lie in fields of gold.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Fields of gold.. I need only close my eyes.

Today is the first time I didn't attend a tutorial.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


You can give without love but you can't love without giving. Ok, today I did the former. Heh. Gave away a whole lot of stuff! One duffel bag and one carton box full of stuff. pQ has known me for like 10 years but she was damn amazed with what I have. Haha. I was also amazed.. Givenchy pajamas - this is cool, DKNY/Guess/Kipling/Gucci/Armani bags.. Damn a lot more branded stuff and they are like NEVER USED BEFORE. Oh, I bought NONE of them. I think I can sell some of them.. Like the Gucci bag.. T'was like worth $400+? Haha. CRAZY man. I don't need all these. I just need my books and notes. Ouch, my $180 Timberland jacket. The one I saved really hard and really bought it. *sighz* I think I'm going to dump that too. I think that's the most expensive thing I saved to buy on my own. Moral of the story: Material items are just .. meaningless.

All that you can't leave behind.. I just need one last look then it's time to let go.. If only I could pack all my worldly possessions into a backpack. Let's strive for that... Books and notes are a different story. Anyone wants A Level Biology stuff? Managed to giveaway my Chemistry, Maths and GP stuff already! Keeping my notes though. Still need some of them I think!

Oh, have some of other people's books with me:
Sandra - Reason & Persuasion
Bex - Becoming a Man; Another Place.. I think I'll pass these to Ivan or something.
pQ - The Little Prince.. Aiya, forgot to return to you!

Anyone elses stuff I owe???

Throwing stuff away really feels good.
-exhausted but optimistic-

It's like someone lifted a rock off my chest and someone really did a few days ago. I guess he/she doesn't even know it. The simplest action really. And suddenly nothing really matters... I will just do my best!

Time to sleep!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Hmm, spent the late evening packing. Gosh. So much stuff I have. Anyone need toys? Cows and guns are in season. Got so much stuff to get rid off, many of which are new.

I think one of our greatest phobias is being forgotten. One day everyone will perish. The only difference is time. Can't stand the coldness and stiffness and everything that evolves around it. Awkwardness. Silence. Expressions and emotions are ever so contradictory.

To you, that one is special. To you, that one is unique. It is special because you have made it so. It is unique because you have made it so. What you are searching for may simply exist in a single rose or a handful of water. Take time before time takes you..

Monday, September 01, 2008


Today, I spent the entire day at home. The furthest I went was to my car to drive it into the porch. Am so proud of myself for staying home. Stayed home to pia all my work! Work can never finish but I covered quite a lot today. I'm practically on par with the ending of Week 3 work so am satisfied for today's productivity. Hmm..

Anyway, cooking is violent! Look at these words and take a closer look at your recipes next time:
  • mince
  • pound
  • skewer
  • toss
  • whip
  • stuff
  • beat
  • mash
  • chop
  • slice
  • flatten
  • grate
  • grind
  • scald
  • skin
...and the list goes on!!!