The desire to excel. The passion to dedicate. The determination to see it through.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Hmm, training was kind of short today. My muscle almost cramp! I shot a 10.8 for my 2nd shot! Yay! The start wasn't very good and until after Tsu Cher came and talk to me, I shot many many 10s. Hmm.. 19/50! (Sorry, couldn't resist counting.. but I didn't count score!) After training, we were like hanging out at Top Notch. Haha. Eating and playing.. Hmm..
Happy 50th Anniversary CEDAR!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


There was the Appreciation Lunch by the President of NUS this afternoon! JY and i went for it! There was great food! Quite cool, met Cedarians there (Sandra, Yihui, KAREN NG)!!! Haha. Anyway, Wendy (Touch Rugby) was at my table!!! I remember I liked her quite a lot after playing touch rugby ONCE (never again). HAHA.
Anyway, we ended lab at 3.45pm today (scheduled to end at 6pm). HEEHEE. Anyway, Valen dropped Sandra at Khatib and picked up pQ! pQ and I had tea (dim sum) at Yishun 81. Later on, lingling joined us for dinner and we ate AGAIN at Yishun 81. FAT!!!
Half-marathon? One final run??? 21km.. I think the greatest distance I've covered was only 16km at one go. pQ, you can't run the race for me... Thanks for the offer. Your run, your glory. My race, my promise. All I ask is that you train with me... ARE U HORRIFIED? HAHA.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We had free drinks for our FST3104 lecture today (F&N Orange soda)! Haha. FST3101 tutorial was really kind of entertaining. We spent most of the time (30min out of a 1 hour tutorial) naming out fermented food products from A to Z. Hmm.. Managed to complete a substantial amount of work. JY managed to find the way to my hermit place in NUS! Amazed! People rarely find their way there!
Anyway, training was ok I guess. Had quite a few interruptions. Hmm.. Today is one of the rare times that I left HTNS alone in my car after on a Wednesday or Friday. Left at 10pm and reached home at 1030pm!
I'm kind of tired but I'm going to have my FST3104 project meeting at 11pm online.
Today is a good day and tomorrow will be better.
Logarithmic increase.
Strive harder. Do it once. Do it well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We have to wear weird chef-like lab coats!
I actually had lunch at KFC at Clementi.. So rare.. Hmm!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I just got reminded about the funny questions Sandra asks! I quote "Wad shld i eat for dinner if i dun want cup noodles?" So I asked what she had at home.. Soup? Bread? Mcs? Then I asked her to eat air, order delivery or go 7-eleven buy microwaveable food. And she replied that she bought microwave pasta from 7-eleven (adding that great minds think alike).
Sandra asks the darnest things! Funny Sandra!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


For Jimmy Coach...

10 shots prior to dry firing.

50-shot grouping.

Score: 94 (1st series hit target liao.. heehee)
See? I listened to you.. I reduced strays.. Are you proud of me?

Today was a happy training day! Hmm, all the uncles are very amused with my tiny cylinders. Oh well!

He - Part 7

He feels tired. Tired in every sense of the word. Physically, mentally, emotionally. There’s so much he wants to say but he can’t seem to speak the words. Sometimes there’s too much to conceal. Sometimes it’s not right to spill. Sometimes he feels so alone. Sometimes he is so illogical.

By day, he’s the fella he wants to be. By night, he can only hope to fall asleep. He dreams a similar dream every night. Amplifying his thoughts and creating an alternate reality. Bittersweet. Everything is bittersweet, never just sweet. There’s always two sides of the coin. Too few come that don’t go. He always wonders who’ll be there for an eternity and who’ll be just be vessels passing by. Volatile. He wants stability yet realizes that is but a dream. We’re all in transit. All this talk about dynamism but what if some things never change? What if some things can never be changed? What if it could change but at the expense of others? Would it be worth it? Would it even be worth a try?

He can’t control his actions. He does the exact opposite of what he wants to do. He could only live out his desired behaviour in his dreams. That’s when he feels alive. That’s when he wishes he’ll never wake up. The harder he wishes, the sooner he snaps back to reality. How is a good dream good when it cannot be transformed into reality? How is a nightmare bad when it doesn’t happen in real life? A good dream only reminded him of what could not be satiated and a nightmare made him appreciate his life, indicating that life could be worse. His life is good… or is it?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I woke up at 1+pm today. I wanted to go training but I woke up too late!!! I slept around 2+am last night. I told you I needed sleep. I haven't woken up in the afternoon for 400 years! Anyway, I spent the day unpacking, sorting out stuff and blogging!

In the evening, I attended Andrew's b'day party at Castle Green! There was so much food (got crayfish, hehe)! The place was decorated with balloons. There was even a projector and musical instruments. Quite cool. I think his singing improved! Hmm, it's the first time I mixed with the family people at a party, mainly with Audrey of course. Quite funny actually!

Anyway, I forgot to bring my keys so I tried to break in (to no avail but I was successful once before), hung out with Titus, played soccer with him and cycled around my garden. I spent the remainder of my time hanging out in my car!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Ok, training was sleepy today. During training, I was napping in between shots (while standing up). I was rather still today, stability was better (probably cos I can't move much when I'm in a sleepy state). After my 50-shot grouping, I sat down to rest, fell asleep and even dreamed! GOSH! After that, I had to achieve at least a score of 90 in a series to be done with training. I was SO NOT at stress cos I was half asleep so I reached the target in the first series (shot five 10s, heehee). YAY. Anyway, today's training felt DAMN good. I haven't felt so good in training for a long while.

Sleepiness was probably due to insomnia the other night and 3H of sleep last night. In the whole week, I slept only a max of 4H per night. TSK. WORK WORK WORK. A LOT OF WORK.

Anyway, after training, Jimmy, JY and I went to AMK Hub to watch Evan Almighty! DAMN FUNNY!!! We ate at S11! I had dumpling soup and SATAY!!! SHIOK sia. There's still something I've been CRAVING for a VERY LONG TIME but haven't eat. Hmm, when I free-er then see how.

Well, I kind of caught up with a my load of work already. Just a bit more to go and I'll be fine. Jaime, keep that efficiency up! SLEEP SLEEP! Jaime needs SLEEP!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Cheng Tng and Pulut Terigu!!! FINALLY!!!!! WOOHOO!
That's my dinner, I don't need anything else!

I finally met pQ after a 400 years. Saw rZ, Kangwei, Sebby Tiang, jelly, worm, 2 ex-AJ trackers and 1 ex-ajcian. What's up man? Everyone's in arts lar! Gosh. Anyway, JELLY OBVIOUSLY DID NOT RECOGNIZE ME! She only said HI to pQ and hardly acknowledged me even though I was waving at her. She was talking to pQ and I was right next to pQ! I'm AMAZED!!! Although I wore a bit formal, how can she NOT recognize me!!! AIYO!!! RZ go scold JELLY!!!

Anyway, I bought my spectacles at Your Eyecare Specialist (YES) at Suntec City Mall. I could collect it in an hour, cool! My old spex died a twisted death. Hehe. My degree increased to 225 (L) and 250 (R). DAMN!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


After school, HJ, Jimmy and I went for lunch at Sakae! After that, we went for training. My training was good today despite not shooting for 2 months. Quite cool. I didn't expect that. I shot a hole somewhere in the centre for my 50-shot grouping. The gun's not sighted. However, was a little fed up as I couldn't hit a score of 90 in a series. My gun felt so heavy even though I use to find it somewhat weightless! TSK.

Well, in the evening, we had a basic course for the newbies. Anyway, I got reminded why the shooting star is my ouxiang again... even with a Model-65. Haha. Well well.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had lessons starting at 8am! Anyway, we already started our project last week for New Product Development (NPD). We started cooking today! So fun! I love cooking and sensory evaluation. HEHE. We have to wear these weird lab coats that we borrowed from the FST lab which looks like a chef's uniform! Funny!!!

Oh, and Valen got to meet HJ today! (",)

Monday, August 20, 2007


I returned to school today! I missed one week of school so I have a great amount of stuff to catch up with! I guess I don't really suffer from jet lag. Lucky me. I was able to finish reading 5 chapters required for New Product Development! I spent the evening unpacking while chatting with Jimmy.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


We finally set off for Pearson International Airport! We had to go through US customs in Toronto so when we arrived in Chicago, we didn't have to go through any checks at all! We had some time to walk around in the airport in Chicago but there wasn't anything interesting to buy.

Anyway, it was drizzling when we were preparing for take-off from Chicago to Hong Kong. T'was a 14 hour flight. The plane left an hour late as there was still some maintenance crew on board. In the middle of the flight, we saw lightning and the turbulence was CRAZY! The plane kept shaking very violently. My water in the cup kept jumping. We were in the middle of the Pacific so I was a little horrified. Was thinking of reading the safety manual.

We had some time to walk around the Hong Kong airport too. The 3 hour flight back to Singapore was turbulent too. We were having dinner when the plane had a sudden drop (and it dropped rather far, not the normal dip). My water jumped again and our whole cabin exclaimed. DAMN SCARY!!! Huixin so poor thing, her apple juice spilled over her jeans, etc!

In both these flights, the flight attendants had to belt up several times which I think is rather unusual! The flights to Toronto were so smooth but the flights back were horrible!!! BAD WEATHER.

By the time I reached Singapore, it was about 11.15pm on 19 August!

Friday, August 17, 2007


A scene from the Hulk. See what University of Toronto became!Lunch at Yueh Tung >> Squid with Vegetable on Rice
Boat Grill House
White Wine Spritz
Salmon with Rice
Caramel Chocolate Cake
Filipino Festival

It's the end of my final day in Toronto!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, this was lunch! Microwaved sweet and sour chicken noodles! It's the last time I'm having microwaved food here! Decided to eat in as today's my designated mugging day!

Hmm.. This is a common sight before an examination begins (i.e. sitting on grass patches outside the examination hall)! The grass is nice and the weather's cool. Definitely something unable to be enjoyed in Singapore!

Guess what's going on.. I bet you can't!
Guess harder!
Ok, they're filming The Incredible Hulk (part 2) in Toronto!!! Their using University of Toronto buildings! Way cool, we saw them dressing up (soldiers, policemen and all) and the set up just before they filmed! Their props are all over the city! Damn cool!!!

Huixin, Izzati and I had our Geology examination from 7 to 9pm! We had short answer questions and options for our questions. On reaching the last question (i.e. qn 14), I wanted to do question 14 as I knew the answers but when I checked question 15 (the other option), I immediately decided to do question 15. Guess why.... It's a survey!!! CAN U IMAGINE?!?! The EXAM QUESTION IS A SURVEY!!! How can my opinion be wrong? HAHA!!! Anyway, we had dinner at a North Indian Restaurant! YUMMY! Spinach with home made cottage cheese, tandoori naan and shrimp vindaloo (from left to right).

Remember the whitewater rafting we went for? The DVD of it arrived in the mail! I collected it today! I received my first (and probably last) snail mail in Toronto!

Introducing James, the security guard! He came over to the common room at night and we watched a movie on his laptop! He set up the common room with cushions, linen and everything! He's a real sport!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Lunch - Microwaved Morrocan FoodTurkey Sub with Wheat Bread
They have apple pie!!!

I spent the day mugging for my exam tomorrow! I'm starting to take afternoon naps (and I allow myself to because it's good for adjusting back to SG time - some excuse). Anyway, was chatting with some FST friends for updates and checking out IVLE and I'm really quite behind time.. Tsk tsk, this calls for drastic measures. I shall have to plan my personal timetable later!

Gosh, I seem to be able only to blog about food everyday. Shows how much I've been doing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Beef TacoMeatball Marinara with Italian Herbs and Cheese Bread

I spent the morning watching finish that Ella show! After that, studied a bit and went out shopping at Eaton! Didn't shop much though, was too lazy and not in the mood to. I spent the rest of the time packing my luggage!

Monday, August 13, 2007


This is the FIRST time in EIGHT years that pQ said she missed me. EEK!!! And Jimmy's getting MUSHY too! Stop saying you love me!! I HATE U! Until I can get PB's as frequently as you, I HATE U!!! *jealous*
What's wrong with you people??! I leave you guys alone for 2 months and you all go whack! HAHA. Ok lar, pQ is noisy.. Stop bugging me. I'll be back soon (6 more days)!!! SHH! (Ok lar, am touched but don't expect me to say me miss you too. Ok, JJJJ miss pQ!). And no, Jimmy, no "I love Us" for you!

pqqqqqqqqqq needs to be groomed. woof!* says:
I need to be groomed too, my fur's standing!
*fur standing*
Anyway, I had my Psychology examination (academic) today. It's a 3 hour paper but I left early. Felt like a stressful paper but that's a good way to prepare me for the coming semester in NUS!!! I'm exhausted! Dinner is a Subway Club >>> I feel healthy!
Anyway, I like the thoughts that run through their minds in 花样少年少女. I think Quan is cool, I like!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Gosh! I just realized I had such a slip-shod entry! This is the extended version:

In the morning, I had breakfast with Miyuko (of Japan). She approached me and thought I was Japanese! Hmm, ok, I really have that Japanese look??? Anyway, she asked to have breakfast with me so of course I agreed.

Mass at the Newman Centre was hyper! It began with "Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord" and ended with "You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)"! It felt like a Praise and Worship session.

For dinner, I ate Subway! Had BBQ Rib Patty which was nice! Anyway, found out from Izzati that the sandwiches are called "subs" because they are shaped like submarines!
Here's a simple science question:
A bottle is filled with hot liquid and capped. It begins imploding in room temperature over time. Is the following explanation valid?
The hot liquid heats the gas in the bottle and the gas loses heat to the cooler room temperature surroundings over time. Therefore, the gas contracts upon losing heat creating a lower pressure which led to an implosion.
Now, be nice! Give me an answer!!!

Spent the day mugging and watching 花样少年少女! Addicted to it! Now screening, BUSY!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Escargot and mushrooms in butter.
Latin food: rice, beans, pork and salad.
ALMOST complete with corn. DJ2: What coincidence!

Huixin, Izzati, Monika and I attended the Hot and Spicy Food Festival at harbourfront today! Free outdoor performances, bazaar, sauce sampling and GREAT CORN! For lunch, we cooked and I ate escargot and mushrooms in butter, potato and mushroom soup. In the evening, we ate CORN at the festival (mushroom + corn = DJ?). The roasted corn is the best corn I've ever tasted! The roast the corn, rub lemon over it, butter it and add some seasoning (cajun I think). NICE. The queue was crazy. The first round, we bought one to share and later one queued again to buy one each! We ate Latin food (Columbian food) for dinner!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I've always wondered if people like the homeless believed in God. This morning I went to church and found my answer. A homeless man attended mass. The mass was only 20min (usually about 30min in Singapore).

Anyway, Huixin and I started out excursion by touring Cabbagetown (possibly the greatest concentration of Victorian houses in North America and where Avril Lavigne was from). We visited Riverdale Farm there! We then went for an underground Toronto walk (a huge, complex version of City Link in SG). We finished off by walking around Kensington! Oh, I saw a real live chipmunk for the first time in my life! It's a lot smaller than I expected! Had buffet dinner at our residence for the first time!

Oh, and they tend to film a lot of shows here. My lecture class got filmed by BBC! Anyway, today they were filming some stuff and when I turned to look back, the girl was half-naked (like NO TOP at all) on the streets!!! I was shocked. Traumatizing.

Well, enjoy...

Tokens for the subway.. cute.

You may have heard about it,
now witness eutrophication.

Milk the COW
Meh Meh
Some duck, no kidding.
Airship Advertisement
Victorian Architecture
Hockey Hall of Fame - Hockey Masks
A work of art at Kensington