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Monday, April 30, 2007


I finished my last paper this morning!!! It was the FST2106 - Postharvest module. I spotted the questions for the compulsory question (for ALL parts i.e. (a), (b), (c)) correctly!!! I was quite AMAZED! Flipping through the past year papers helped me to spot them! The limiting factor was the speed of my writing and not a lack of points. Yeah! That's the way it should be for essays! Well done brain!!!

Anyway, I bought my textbook and other materials required for the next semester already! Nothing else left to be bought! Am I fast?! I was lucky to get a deal from a FST senior.

I saw CHARMAINE CHAI in school after my paper! She's the only primary school friend that I'm still in contact with! Chatted with her till she had to go for lessons. After settling all my admin matters in school, I went to Yishun to get my materials for the next semester then I headed home (no more petrol and I forgot to take the petrol discount card out)! I headed out again to Outram and had lunch there as well. Later, I went to IMM (passing by NUS again). I headed home and settle some more admin matters and geared up for cycling in the North area!!! Now, I'm home and I have some more admin matters to settle! I'll probably watch VCDs tonight!!!

C'mon gimme a cheer! Exam's OVER!!!
I love everyone NOW!!! Everyone gimme a hug!!!


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