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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Titus' paw on my notes! TSK.
For lunch, Jimmy and I got to go to Serangoon Garden! This was our 3rd attempt.

1st attempt: Too crowded.
2nd attempt: About to rain.

Studied some Chemistry in the morning. STUDIED A WHOLE LOT OF FST2106 - Post Harvest! The notes are rather jumpy and disorganized. My summary's a little disorganized too. My brain finds it hard to flow. It feels Bio-ish. I love it. 3 long essays!!! Saturated. I was starting to talk to myself about Post Harvest out loud and I was getting hysterical. That's when I decided I should leave the house.

pQ cut her hair AGAIN!!! rZ: Please scold her. Thanks. SUPER SHORT. Furthermore, she wanted to share dinner and a drink with me. HELLO, that looks wrong. Anyway, we had dinner at Sunplaza and went to NTUC. I got some breakfast and she got some junk (2 tubs of ICE CREAM)!!! One tub is Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby!!! To die for. By the way, I think pQ likes getting scolded by me. Tsk. And.. HOW (FYI: tt's her surname) PQ!!! After our exams, while I'm in SG, you can't play with me and you still complain about me going to Canada! Fine, I don't need you, I can go out with me, myself and I. Muahahhaha.. Tsk, what am I going to do on April 30?!?!??! Last day of exams (by tradition, I must go out)!!! Ok, actually I have a few exciting plans! Not telling you people until after, later I get stalked!

Front View.

Side View.


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