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Thursday, April 26, 2007


I had lunch at home today. It was great I guess:
  1. Potato Salad
  2. Pasta
  3. Kimchi
  4. Smoked Chicken
  5. French Beans
Anyway, today I shall address the issue of cyberstalking. I have encountered this issue in 2 modules (Computing and Society, Intellectual Property in Cyberspace). Two requirements are needed to commit a crime >> motive and opportunity. The internet provides the opportunity. I guess it's so easy to stalk someone online. I could find a lot of information about myself just by typing in my name into Google. Some information's from blogs and others are from competition results (my running ones are gone, the records are too old, phew) and elsewhere. Well, do you know that a person's personal information can be bought (e.g. social security number)? This occurs more often in the US. There was a case of a girl getting murdered as a result of cyberstalking. She didn't even know the guy who murdered her. Perhaps National Crime and Prevention Centre should hold a cyberstalking competition! That should have a great impact on creating awareness about cyberstalking!!!

Well, almost everyone has the ability to cyberstalk. But as Spidey says, "with great power comes great responsibility". I'm a responsible stalker. HEHE. Anyway, I came across this thing I wrote a couple of years ago. Rather lame but here it is anyway: Don't you think stalkers are in fact spies? Perhaps the difference lies in motive.


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