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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have a bad habit when I'm home. I can't eat anything like it's supposed to be eaten. Anyway, for today, I made some snack by throwing in all my chocolates (Hershey's Kisses, Milky Bar and two other types of chocolates) together with rice krispies and corn flakes into the microwave oven. It looks gross but it's DAMN nice. Too bad I didn't have any bananas. Hang on, let me place an order for bananas (it's out of season in my garden). Ok, done.

Anyway, check out what I crapped out for Analytical Chemistry Reflective Thoughts. A weak attempt to tie in voltammetry with stuff in the body. Oh well. It's supposed to be a short write up which is creative. It's optional! Bonus marks apply, stuff like that.

WARNING: The following content is lame.

Voltammetry and Proteins

Redox reactions occur all the time in our bodies. In the cell of an organism, many functions are carried out by cells passing electrons through complex pathways (e.g. the electron transport chain during the process of respiration).

Proteins could transfer electrons to each other and this flow of electrons would generate a current. It is rather interesting to note that there are electrical currents in our bodies.

Perhaps it would be interesting to be able to measure such currents using voltammetric methods. If this investigation could be dangerous in vivo, perhaps a study of native proteins and current flow through voltammetric methods in vitro would be viable.

Since voltammetric methods rely on the potential applied to the electrode, the experimental parameter of potential may be varied and this could consequently have an effect on the redox electron transfer reactions driven by proteins which may speed up or slow down the reactions.

It would be interesting if we could speed up certain reactions in the body!


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