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Friday, March 23, 2007


FST: Couldn't help but spot the letters in my CM lecture notes..
Today, we did the same endurance stuff as Wednesday i.e. 3 sets of 10 repetitions of gun lifting (30 seconds) and 3 sets of 10 repetitions of the minute muscle training thingy. The minute muscle thingy is damn tough can? The gun was shaking like there was an earthquake and it was so hard to maintain sight relationship!!!

Ok, maybe it's just tough to me. QL and Hazel do until like no kick! Haha. After that, Ruihong ask me to shoot 25-shot grouping. He asked me to rest for an indefinite period of time before doing that. When I asked him if I could start shooting, he was showing me how to massage my forearm muscles and he ask me to 'just massage'. I must have looked like I was dying cos he didn't tell the rest to do that. Ok, to be fair, I was dying. Haha.

Anyway, I wanted to rush through my shots cos I was thinking the grouping sure like shit and I was damn tired but I realized that wasn't the point of training so I tried nice, happy shots.

Here's the grouping for 25 shots (with Model 100).. I improved!!!

After training, QL and I went for dinner/supper near Aljunied!


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