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Sunday, March 18, 2007


I've officially finished all my lab reports for the week (yes, including the one that's due in 2 weeks time). Hang on, let me tick them off on my To-Do List. Anyway, I skipped lunch. Doing a lab report on prawns didn't help with the hunger. I was too busy to stop and eat. Well, I'm going hunting and foraging after I type this entry.

Anyway, I'm meeting Susie (aka Sui Hui) for a walk-a-jog at MacRitchie later. After that, we'll meet Audrey at Dhoby Ghaut for dinner! Heehee. I haven't seen that chio kid for ages. Ok, enough. I sound perverted.

Oh, when I read my email today, I was DAMN excited! We're gonna have coached sessions for air pistol again! Yay!!! My heart's pumping fast. Excited. Really! I'm gonna increase my frequency of training. I already started last week with 3 times a week. Shit. I'm damn obessesed.

The following was posted at 5.26am on Monday:
Audrey is still as chio as ever! Haha. Forgot to tell her that. Anyway, she's more vocal now (as in she talks more). Good for her! Ok, feel a bit bad. Left them at Marina Square rather early then I went off to CDANS (now known as HomeTeamNS) chalet. Ok, I finally talked to Tsu Cher's sister and found out her name! Haha. Weird. The only 2 people that I really talked to there was Jimmy and HJ.

Why am I awake so early?!?!? Oh yah, I had to edit my lab report due to some changes in my friends' calculations. I got nothing left to do till 7.45am. I want to eat a banana. My banana tree bears no bananas now. I shall get a bunch of bananas (good source of potassium).

Ok, enough crap. Haha, BYE.


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