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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


1st Card: 3 shots at the top before sighting down;
6 shot grouping after sighting down.

2nd Card: 2 misfires (jerked gun left-down when trigger was pulled).

3rd Card: 1st 5 shots >> up-down sight relationship problem;
Next 5 shots >> 1 misfire.

pQ's VERY SHORT hair. Tsk.

To myself: Remember to follow through!!! Don't take the shot if the "right" time is over.

One shot seems so long that it's so hard to concentrate for just those few seconds! The gun used was Shu Zhe's LP10. I was trying it out. Damn shiok. Did some dry-firing before shooting the target cards. Nice gun. Nice nice gun. Anyway, good shots give me stress!!! Jimmy gave me stress! Jimmy: Give me more stress k? I need to learn how to deal with stress!!!


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