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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ok, this sticker says "I'm Looking For Love..."
I took it from pQ!!! Funny. Moet and Chandon sticker.

This evening, pQ and I attended a concert at the Esplanade. Elgar Anniversary: Perchance to Dream by SSO featuring Tasmin Little (viola). It was rather exciting. At some point, I felt that I've seeped into a movie. Concentrating hard yet thinking about other things as well with the music playing out my life. It's the first time I've had such an experience. That's as emo as it gets here.

Anyway, pQ has a new Christian name. I told her I'd advertise it. It's 'Evilene'. A shorter form would be 'Evil'. (",)

Today is Total Defence Day. It's quite cool. Every year, Audrey Q would usually sms me first to wish me a happy Total Defence Day(I tend to forget). This year, I beat her to it! Haha. Well, it's particularly because of this day that she knew of my existence as the crazy senior who was stabbing Tan Yan with a fake knife. Later in that year, we actually got to know each other and she knew me by name and NOT 'the crazy senior who was stabbing Tan Yan with a fake knife', but that's another story. Gosh, I was sec 3 and she was sec 1. Now, she's just completed her A's!!! That was long ago! Why we remember this day every year? That's another story as well. As she said, we should meet up. It's been a while since I've seen some of my Cedar smallies, almost a year.

Reminder to self: Set some time aside to meet up with old friends. This is ambiguous so... I shall meet them this summer holiday (if I'm in Singapore).

I need a travel buddy. Argh, heck it. Decision made. I'm going somewhere with or without someone.

Man, Andrew's (aud's bro) going US the week after CNY!!! Shiok lar he. Nvm, I'll be away on a study cruise with Evilene. Feel free to join us. Eat, sleep, study, play. Nice balance.

Just needed some release. I need to run. Need. Need. Need. Run until I experience an overflux of lactic acid and until I experience rigor mortis. Goodbye and goodnight.


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