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Monday, February 12, 2007


My car (Suzuki SX4) has been named. He/she (ULO - Unidentified Land Object) is called Valen aka V.V.T. (ValenValenTine). Valen's my date this Valentine's Day and for many more years to come I hope. Haha. Thanks to Shena Na and pQ who contributed to this naming of my car and to "IS" the magazine with the cover page that prints "Lover or Loser?" Ouch.

I started and ended the day with a great appreciation of the view around me. In the morning, I saw the port at Pasir Panjang from NUS Biz Bldg! I could see the ships moving. I didn't know that there was such a view in NUS. In the evening, I was driving home just before sunset and I drove through the back way to Seletar Camp which passes by Seletar Reservior. The best part was when I was turning into Seletar Camp. A plane (rather large like that of budget airlines, not the small training planes) flew overhead and rather close to the ground. It was just landing at the runway just in front of me. The sound of the plane was so loud. Next, I saw a helicopter in the sky. Fantastic.

Anyway, after my project meeting, pQ and I went to Casuarina to eat! I ordered weird stuff like onion chilli prata (see photo). Gosh, the prata was filled with green chillies! I was almost too terrified to try but I gobbled it all down anyway. It wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. You know how villains sometimes tend to be very nice to their victims before they kill them? I think pQ's gonna KILL me.

Ok, I've devised a really perverted way to wave at people as I'm driving. I also devised a way to scold and vent my anger as I drive. It's rather entertaining!

Well, my project mates for GEK1042 (Intellectual Property in Cyberspace) think I should be a lawyer. They're not the first ones. I've had people told me that since secondary school. My father told me that I could consider that as well when I received my A Level results. Law is interesting but that's not me. I think I'd get too heated. I'm quite shocked that I'm actually enjoying the module. I like the lecturer. She was a lawyer. She's a sharp, smart and cool lecturer. I still love food and every aspect of it. Food science is for me. I have a plan. I hope it works. If it does, I'll be travelling all over the world with a laptop and a PDA until I get sick of it. There's only one problem. The same problem I've had my entire life. I guess that's my cross to carry.


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