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Friday, February 09, 2007


Can you spot the pQ?!

I finally met up with Irving after a long while this evening! We went to Loof to visit pQ!!! The place is mainly alfresco. It's a great chillout place near City Hall. The food is good as well. A little expensive though. Anyway, I got home quite late (like at 3+am in the morning).

A carpark experience:
The gantry at the carpark kept rejecting my cashcard and I had a true test of my driving skills. I say I pass. Through the intercom, I was told to reverse backwards in a winding fashion on a damn steep slope (with 2 cars behind me). It's the first time I had to pull up the handbrake and depress the accelerator before releasing the handbrake while driving an automatic car! I had to do that as there was a car on the opposing lane less than a metre in front of me! I reversed and went behind the 2 cars lining up behind me. It wasn't my fault though. The machine was spoilt! It rejected the other car's cashcard too! Technical assitance came and we got in soon after. Tsk. Not fair.. technical assistance only came after the 2nd car's card got rejected. Just because I'm a tiny female driver doesn't mean it's my fault!!! What's up with people?! Well at least they apologised to me! They thought that I had no cashcard or something (a phenomenon not available in Singapore due to ERP). If I had scratched my car at the carpark... tsk tsk. Anyway, I saw Ms Lee. She was exiting the carpark. Of all places to see her! What coincidence!

Oh yah. I want to be a stunt driver!!!


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