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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The nice person who gave me the answer to what's ethanol is for... are you Grace Tan?!?!

Just for today, a double entry!

"ABLE WAS I ERE I SAW ELBA" - Napolean Bonaparte
Read this backwards letter by letter. It says exactly the same thing! Cool!

Anyway, yesterday morning, I saw Liying at Arts. I was looking at her and wondering if I knew her. She was like waving to me. I thought she was saying hi to the person next to me. Tsk. I'm damn blur lar. Took me some time to realize she was my friend!!! Haha. Ok. So if you walk by me in school and I don't throw you a glance or even if I do, I probably didn't see you. I'm quite in my own world!

Breakfast was good today! I ate toasted wholemeal bread with cheese, ham and smoked salmon!!! I had orange juice to go with it!

My breakfast: half-eaten. Hehe.
Well, I have an aching problem. Just came back from training and I always have this shoulder ache and hip ache! Haha. Man, Clara the future physiotherapist says it's bad posture! Well well. I'm feeling fat and I need to run. Meeting Susie to run on Sunday I think. Hope I'll survive. If not... pQ: please pick up my car AND my body. Thanks. You may have the car if I die at MacRitchie. Anyway, the feeling that I was going to die soon faded away. Phew. I was getting worried. Haha.


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