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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Oily olestra (a fat replacer) can creep through the faeces and leak uncontrollably. Gross.

I met a cool guy today! Didn't know he was schooling in NUS! Enough said.

After school, I drove around NUS to pass the R10 pellets to the shooters. After that, I went to meet pQ for dinner. We ate at Pizza Hut, Causeway Point. We were damn fickle in deciding where to have dinner! Gosh! Anyway, on the way there, I took the wrong turn off SLE. I headed for the causeway towards Johor! There was a sign saying to top up cashcard if not Singapore cars would be fined $500. I got a shock! The signs even looked Malaysian. I panicked and luckily there was a slip road out. I just took it. I didn't know the slip road was after the traffic light and I just drove past the red light! Lucky no camera sia. I got a little lost but found my way there in the end.

Ok, I have an idea for a venue to throw a party. I wanna open party at Clinic on my birthday! Good idea? I think I book the place then ownself sit there drink drips then no one would disturb me. An alternative is to ask Dr Jansen Koh come my house and open "Clinic".

If I can't run away,
Then I'll fly away.
If I can't fly away,
Then I'll swim away.
If I can't swim away,
Then I'll just drown.

P.S. I'm not suicidal, I just found the last part funny. If you could hear my tone, maybe you'd laugh.


Anonymous Asha said...

Well written article.

November 11, 2008 10:05 AM  

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