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Friday, May 18, 2007


In the morning, we went for a dialogue session by SRC. Sandra had to go too. Well, the best part of it was the fruits!

Anyway, after that, HJ and I went to Chye Whatt Seng to meet Andrew & JY to collect target cards.

In the evening, it was training time. I got hungry during training AGAIN despite eating 2 paus and drinking iced milo before training. Training was dry firing, 20-shot grouping and one shot per card (10 card rotation, so that's 8 shots per card) until I finished a 100 shots. Ok, this is my favorite card (8 shots; five 10s, two 9s and one 8 with an average of 9.5):

Ok, it's like 6.04am on 19th May. I have to send Valen for washing, bathe Titus, clean the house, etc later today. Should I sleep? I can hear the cocks crowing. It's time to wake up huh? I'm cranky. Jaime needs rest, good night or rather good morning.


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