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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I happily went to HTNS and realized that there was monthly shoot today. I forgot! Gosh. Haha. Anyway, had lunch with Nicholas at Cafe Cartel (we tried Thai Express at first but it was closed). After that, we watched tv (Pride & Prejudice.. Sandra: the guy's name is Matthew Mcfaydyen) at his place while I waited for time to pass so that pQ and I could go visiting! He was very hospitable!

Anyway, pQ and I visited Shena Na! Her dog very poor thing! Poor Pepper! Hope he recovers soon!!! Went to Plaza Singapura for a short while after that.

Julius & family came over with prata for dinner! They were playing with the helicopter again! I actually tried flying the remote-controlled helicopter! Wah. Not easy man. FUN FUN! Ok, I shall start playing with it. LOL.



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