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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Went swimming this morning and topped it up with a dip in the jacuuzi.

While I was in the Jacuzzi, a man struck a conversation with me. It's interesting how people can steer a conversation towards driving home their main point. Here's the sequence of topics:

  1. How fantastic the Jacuzzi was
  2. Ask for the time
  3. Remark that it is almost lunchtime
  4. Speak about a new cafe that's going to cater to the swimming pool crowd
  5. Talk about having lower prices at this new cafe
  6. Ask if I'm a student and when I graduated
  7. Talk about hospitals and their staff having concession rates but not for the public
  8. Supporting why the food at hospitals should be cheaper
  9. And finally, adding that in order to have this, we should vote for a specific opposition party (which I will not reveal here)


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