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Saturday, September 03, 2011


Watched Cars 2 this afternoon! Entertaining despite the reviews! Checked out the Borders sale as well and the queue for the cashier was the longest I've ever seen.

Some run till emotions are rationalized. 
Some work out so hard till they collapse.
Some overeat till all they feel is the bulge.
Some drink till they forget momentarily.

But few pray. 
Sometimes that's the only thing you're left to do. 
And sometimes it's the only thing you ought to do.

What are your forms of escapism?

Go the Distance by Michael Bolton 
(from Hercules)

I have often dreamed 
Of a far off place 
Where a hero's welcome 
Would be waiting for me 
Where the crowds will cheer 
When they see my face 
And a voice keeps saying 
This is where I'm meant to be 

I'll be there someday 
I can go the distance 
I will find my way 
If I can be strong 
I know every mile 
Will be worth my while 
When I go the distance 
I'll be right where I belong 

Down an unknown road 
To embrace my fate 
Though that road may wander 
It will lead me to you 
And a thousand years 
Would be worth the wait 
It might take a lifetime 
But somehow I'll see it through 

And I won't look back 
I can go the distance 
And I'll stay on track 
No I won't accept defeat 
It's an uphill slope 
But I won't lose hope 
Till I go the distance 
And my journey is complete 

But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part 
For a hero's strength is measured by his heart 

Like a shooting star 
I will go the distance 
I will search the world 
I will face its harms 
I don't care how far 
I can go the distance 
Till I find my hero's welcome 
Waiting in your arms... 

I will search the world 
I will face its harms 
Till I find my hero's welcome 
Waiting in your arms 


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