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Thursday, September 01, 2011


Recalled my fascination with a 'barium meal' as I studied it in Junior College. I had always imagined a barium meal to resemble chewing on a bar much like sodium. I thought it would be pretty cool to ingest a barium meal. 

Well, today I had a barium breakfast and it was a barium sulphate suspension - a white suspension. It causes a tingling sensation at the back of your throat if you swallow too quickly.

Anyway, I went for the MRI scan this morning and everyone was particularly nice. Really chirpy or reassuring. Either it's the morning, or they hardly have such young folks coming in. Well, the MRI scan was pretty long but I felt like an astronaut, so it was fun. When they removed the plug from me after the procedure, I observed that they pulled out a tubing. Believe the plug is called a 'cannula' while the tubing is referred to as the 'catheter'. I always thought it was a needle in there.

Spent the rest of the day sitting down to chill with pQ and XH!


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