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Friday, August 25, 2006


In the afternoon, I met up with CK to have lunch at Science (The Frontier). I mean, she ate and I watched her (FYI: I already had lunch at home).
After that, I had FST lab briefing. We learned about the various apparatus in the lab, basic techniques (using a pipette/micropipette, titration, etc). Our lecturer started by showing us a measuring cylinder and asking us what it was called. Basically everything from learning to wear gloves to ensuring your test tube does not roll off the table (this is done by using the fascinating invention of the test tube rack)!
We also had 3 volunteers to measure 5ml of distilled water and weigh it. Each of them used a different instrument (micropipette, 5ml bulb pipette, 25ml pipette). Guess what! The micropipette has the highest accuracy bringing the weight of the distilled water close to 5 grams! WOW.
I loved my briefing. I wouldn't rather be spending time elsewhere doing other stuff.


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