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Monday, December 12, 2005


I just had to dedicate an entry to prawns today!
Part I - Vengeance, even after death!
I ate Ee-mian for lunch today at Plaza Singapura foodcourt and there was a prawn with its shell still attached! I didn't want to use my hands so I bit the prawn head off! The prawn head is full of "pokey" stuff. As I left the foodcourt, I noticed a bump in my gums. The prawn poked me! In the toilet, I discovered that I was bleeding!
Part II - Ah Huay, the Tiger Prawn
I ate a whole lot of prawns at Marina Bay steamboat/BBQ. They gave us live prawns. Actually, just a single living Tiger prawn! Didn't know he was still alive! When I reached for the plate, Amanda (from FST), saw his legs move! We came to the conclusion that it was a "he" because he made sudden movements that splashed water everywhere, even on me! Only a "he" would be so naughty. Since it was alive, it was only right to bestow a name upon it. He was called "Ah Huay" as named by Sharon (from FST). Since we are humane and the Tom Yum soup was not yet boiling, we decided to wait till it boiled so that Ah Huay would have a quick and hopefully, a less painful death. We couldn't return him to the sea for he was sure to die. We had to put an end to his misery!
When the soup was boiling, we made a space large enough for him to plunge in and I dropped him in. After a while, he made a splash! Boy, was he hardy! Die, Ah Huay, die! For his own good, he should die quickly.
We took all the prawns out together and we identified Ah Huay because he was the only Tiger prawn and hence the reddest among the lot. When I took him out, he was dead of course and I passed him to Sharon who passed it to Amanda who passed it back to Sharon. We didn't want to eat Ah Huay! But what a pity if his death was in vain! His death should at least have the purpose of nourishing a person. We discussed who was to peel him and who was to eat him. Sharon peeled his shell off and Amanda ate him. She reported that Ah Huay tasted good.
At the end of our meal, we ate ice cream and I felt a spurt of warm Tom Yum on my arm. It was weird, the flame was small and the soup was barely simmering! We declared that it was the Revenge of Ah Huay!


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