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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Went to MacRitchie with rZ today! It's been a while. Walk-a-jog the 8K route but we walked the wooden planks area on the way back. A very long journey. Worth the while.
It's the first time I drove to MacRitchie, then off to Bishan where finding a parking lot was a great challenge.
At MacRitchie, the people leaning against my car were a little surprised when I unlocked the car. Many people are. I could almost hear people think aloud, "Oh no! What's this small kid doing driving a car?!", each time I unlock the car.
Saw Andrew and Amanda. We thought Amanda was Audrey at first sight. They look so alike now.
Anyway, the papaya and taro ice cream from Yoshinoya is fantabulous.
Have that weird feeling again! It's almost like I'm in a fairytale with a happy ending over and over but there simply isn't a happy ending in my fairytale as yet. That's why it's a weird feeling. Glad without a cause.


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