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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Started my birthday with a surprise visit just past midnight! I was sleeping so the first thought in my half-asleep state was that my brother was calling from Canada at an unearthly hour (for me anyway). HY came over with Ben & Jerry's and a big package! He didn't just get me a gift, he got me a new hobby! I got a remote control (RC) plane!!!

Spent the day setting up and practicing on the RC simulator. It's really not child's play. Later in the afternoon, I went fishing but didn't manage to catch anything today.

In the evening, HY was being very secretive and making me wear a over-sized chicken hat as a blindfold as soon as we exited CTE. Well, my orientation is not that bad, I figured out we stopped at Dempsey, just didn't know which restaurant. He made me walk down 3 flights of stair blind folded and I still couldn't remove the blindfold at the restaurant. The waitress slipped up and said, "Table for 8?" then corrected it to "Table for 2?". I was like, why did HY call all his friends to come too? We normally hang out with his friends as quadruple couples so when I heard 8, I thought of his friends. Anyway, I walked through the restaurant with a big chicken hat on my head. Only taking it off when I was seated. 

And man did I get a shock! My friends were there! Stamps, Mir, Clara, pQ, WL and JR! A mix of Cedar and VS cross-country folks. I never expected this as HY doesn't hang out with my peeps. Dinner was at House, Barracks and Camp.

Thanks folks! You guys are awesome!!!


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