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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Morning: SSA Monthly Shoot (363/400: 89, 87, 91, 96). In my last 15 shots: one 8, four 9s and ten 10s. Yay.

Afternoon: We visited Resorts World Sentosa! Just walked around. Gosh, Universal Studios is so popular that you can't buy tickets on the spot (sold out). And the carpark is HUGE! They even haven tram services around the carpark. LOL. The best part is that there's a Hershey's shop there!!! I love it! The first time I visited a Hershey's shop was in New York!

Evening: Watched Shrek Forever After at Balestier! Gosh, that was a huge tub of popcorn (bought it due to the Citibank discount).

Some thoughts:
The coolest kids in T&F weren't the ones who led all the the way. They were the ones who got bashed up at the starting line, fell, stood up and ran faster than ever. Today I finally managed to practise something I've being trying since I was 15. As Audrey would put it, "believe". You'd never believe the amout of effort this kid took to knock that into my head. The things which others put in your head that stick.

P.S. Sony Ericsson's Xperia X2 takes excellent quality pictures! Photos in today's post were taken by X2.


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