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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We had CEDAR 4/O class gathering at Jo-Ann's place today! Sandra and I brought tuna casserole. We ordered pizza and some other side dishes as well! A wave of nostalgia swept over me as we talked about our days in school! We laughed so hard at the events that occurred and at ourselves!
This was the turn-up this year:
  • Jo-Ann
  • Qianhui
  • Hoi Man
  • Lih Tyng
  • Siew Kia
  • Pei Shan
  • Sandra
Char Siew Pau (Siew Kia) suggested that we organize activities at the next gathering! Some highlights include:
  • Hide the handphone(s) competition - just think back to the days when we 'smuggled' handphones to school and hid it in the weirdest places (toilet window sill, OHP, Ceiling, etc.)
  • Changing competition - remember the days when we had PE (physical education) and we were too lazy to make a trip to the washroom to change? We'd skillfully change from our uniforms to our PE t-shirts in class!


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