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Sunday, March 18, 2012


NTU National Invitational Shoot 2012 - 352/400 (85, 85, 89, 93).

I must say I felt good about the shoot despite the low score. Was a little disappointed though, as it fell far from what I've been doing during training just because I fell sick somewhere during the night - fever, headache, body aches, sore throat. I had no strength to steady the gun, everything was so blurry and I just wanted to sleep. My shots were either too low or too high, big strength issue. Kept cursing under my breath when I saw how many shots I had left. Fell back on something I learned from running - let the adrenaline kick in and sustain it for just a period long enough to do what I need to do before the body falls into a hyper state of vulnerability. Anyway, my last 6 shots saved the day and allowed me to hit a 350+ score (10, 10, 10, 9, 10, 10). This is the first competition that I can honestly say that I had no competition stress.

As predicted, in the afternoon my fever, headache and body aches became full-blown, and my nose started leaking. Every movement was like a blow to my head. The headache was crazy. I slept the whole day and night away. I hate being sick. Build up my health and fitness and fall sick, then build it up again and fall sick again. This is taking a whole lot of effort.

Anyway, it's Monday morning now, and I'm almost fully recovered (say "Yay!"). That's why I can blog.


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