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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Day 7
For some reason, there was an error in the transfer of the photos I took for the rest of this trip. Some problem between the iPhone and the laptop. As such, I lost quite a bit of photos.

Anyway, we spent the upper half of the day sightseeing. We attempted to go to the tsunami museum but it was either blacked-out or closed for lunch. We did visit other sites like the tsunami garden which had a view of a huge boat stuck on land after the water levels dropped. We also saw another boat stuck on a roof. This boat saved 59 people. We also visited the mosque which was the only surviving structure after everything else (and I mean everything) was leveled by the tsunami. For the locals, the tsunami was a warning from God, calling them back to him.

Later in the day, we resumed work on the wall and door. Did the painting of the wall this evening.


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