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Saturday, August 06, 2011


  1. Watched Horrible Bosses but didn't find it too entertaining though.
  2. Visited my brother at his new home this evening! Nice!

On a separate note, last night was a wreck. I can describe it as:
  • Insomnia without the insomnia
  • Food poisoning without the poisoning
Well, at least I got to catch up on some reading! And you wouldn't believe this. Guess who's the patron saint for abdominal pains. 

It's St Elmo!!! (",) If you don't believe me, you may google or check it out here. The reason why he's befitting of the title is the way he was martyred. He was tortured by having his stomach slit open and his intestines were wound around a windlass. They then beheaded him. 


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