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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Watched Kick Ass this morning! Funny/entertaining movie!! Made a mistake the other day! I booked tickets for 0355 (i.e. 3.55 am thinking it was 3.55 pm (I missed the highlighted text saying that show time format was in 24H format). It was too late in the night to have a clear mind!
Quite funny episode yesterday. We headed to Cineleisure to collect the tickets to find out it was at 0355. Anyway, we went to NUS and Vivo to burn some time before meeting HY's friends. Made an illegal U-turn which costs $70. Ouch. Folks, the U-turn warning about camera surveilance at the Sentosa gateway area is not a hoax. We didn't see it on that day of course, only saw the sign another day after receiving the fine notice.
Notice that bulky headphones are back in fashion for the teens. Just a thought.


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