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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Today marks the beginning of the
Year of the Titus!
Food is in abundance as usual. Money is in abundance (when you have difficulty folding your wallet in half, that's when you know...) Chinese New Year is a good time to brush up your dialect/mandarin and conversational skills. It forces you to make an extra effort to smile and be courteous all day. When you start holding long conversations with people you meet annually, you know you're old.
I was forced to play with my niece, Tiffany! (Don't get me wrong.. I have every intention to entertain her, I just don't know how... Jaime is the youngest in the family.) Everyone else was offering to give her rides. However, she approached me and said, "Auntie Jaime! Jump! Jump!". In other words, I had to lift her from the ground high into the air (She is 12kg by the way. Jaime is strong but not THAT strong.). I thought that one ride would be enough.
After a few more rides by Justin, Jansen and Julius (and while everyone except me was once again calling her and offering her a ride), she turned to me and said, "Piggy back!". Jaime was twisted by the arm once again and gave her a piggy back. This is the first time I played with such a tiny kid! (To all my folks who know me: See? I'm not a paedophile. I think the minimum age I can 'play with' is 3 years younger than I am.) What can I say? Kids like me, but I don't know how to entertain them. Any one holding a course on entertaining infants and kids?


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January 31, 2006 2:15 AM  
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January 31, 2006 2:15 AM  
Blogger JJJJ said...

Thanks ar... I am getting old. I know... today pple tot i nus year 2... i feel relli old liao..

February 01, 2006 12:20 AM  

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